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Gosh what a fast and furious week. Just got back in awhile ago from a meeting in Jacksonville, FL with several other home inspectors from across the great USA, on our quarterly meeting to share what we are doing to grow our businesses to the next level. Golly, it is like drinking from a fire hose...
If you are a football fanatic like I am, I stayed up and watched the local team beat up on the Indianapolis Colts. Yes, I should have been snoozing as I have a long drive down to Jacksonville later this morning, but, I just could not help myself. I am sure that the rest of the teams in the NFL ar...
Five surgeons from the big hospitals here in town were discussing who makes the best patients to operate on. The first surgeon, from Skyline, says, 'I like to see Accountants on my operating table; because when you open them up, everything inside is numbered.' The second surgeon, from Baptist, re...
Monday Morning Motivator Good Morning Active|Rain... "What do you live for? Life is not how you live, but what you live for Things that we seek, things that we reap Love we live for or the hate we die in Providing love or being provided with it Accepting defeats or celebrating victories Masking s...
As the battle between Microsoft and Apple continues for market share of the PC world, Apple continues to develop new and better software to compete with the PC world as well. Mac's new iWork 08 is a great program full of graphics that's sure to leave the boys at Microsoft scratching their heads. ...
Older properties in Franklin, TN can pose challenges to any home inspector in this area. However; with a little common sense, costly repairs can be avoided while rehabbing, especially during the painting process. There is no real good way to remove paint from a contaminated outlet like this once ...
Brentwood, TN is known for its green spaces and abundant wildlife. It is not uncommon to see deer, coyotes, foxes and other forms of wildlife around the many creeks and ponds in this area. I had read some articles about an albino deer being in the area, and this morning I was fortunate enough to ...
Earlier today, I saw one of these cute little numbers across the road and just had to check it out. My thoughts were, it's kinda cute, but will it get bigger as it gets older? Join my birthday alarm. It is fast painless and the best part of all, you will be helping me out. Feeling like your blog ...
Between now and the 30th of October many cities and counties across the nation are conducting early voting. As this is going to be one of the most important elections that this nations faces and the future of this nation as we now know it hangs in the balance; I urge one and all to vote. Currentl...
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