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Last week, a friend of mine, Larry Brewer wrote a post on Brentwood Deer. Well this morning while I was in the kitchen getting a cup of coffee to get these old bones moving, I glanced out the kitchen window and saw 2 does and spotted fawns out at the farm pond behind the house. I snapped a few fr...
Home inspectors don't have all the answers to all of the challenges encountered during the inspection process. Sometimes we have to rely on 'subtitle' clues, and take the SWAG (Scientific Wild A$$ Guess) approach to reach a conclusion as to what the problem could be. While inspecting a 'challengi...
Hurricane Fay brought some 2" of much needed rain to the middle Tennessee area the other day, helping relieve some of the drought conditions here. As I was getting ready to do my evening walk, I was able to capture a few frames of the last of Fay as she left and moved north. The double rain bow f...
After moving the grandfather clock from the Den to the foyer, 'ol Pop quit working. Well, being a typical male, this should be an easy fix I thought, so I fiddled with this, and that, and could not see why the clock would not run. Getting frustrated I thought that I would get back to it later or ...
Having lived on the left coast of central Florida for several years after I got out of 'Nam, I am aware of the tremendous destructive force of the wind and rain from a full blown hurricane. However, once the fury is spent, and the storm has deteriorated to mostly rain, it can be a Godsend to area...
Home inspectors do not have the equipment to inspect the throat and flue of most chimneys. However, thanks to pocket digital cameras, a missing damper and smoke shelf, this badly damaged fireplace lent itself to get a good logs-eye view of what the inside of a chimney really looks like. The lack ...
I may be starting a new politically correct term here for the home inspection industry, but here lately, I have been dealing a lot with properties where there are no codes inspections or enforcement or the properties were built before modern building practices took effect. Which ever the case, it...
Invariably, while inspecting older challenging properties, real estate agents will catch me somewhere when the client is not around and want to get a ‘sneak peek’ of how the inspection is going. Not wanting to jump the gun and tell the boys to get the D8 off the trailer prematurely, I generally t...
Yesterday, I was fortunate to be in an area where the price of gasoline was much less than it is here in Davidson and Williamson counties – much less – about 30 cents per gallon less! Why is that? Same fuel, same distillery, same distributor, same brand of station. It can't be the city because on...
The metropolitan areas that do not have codes inspections by city or county officials get to be quite challenging for home inspectors, as the prevailing building code is… Well there ain’t one. These areas are real “Bubba’s delights” as builders and other tradesmen can get away with real slip-shod...

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