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     The other day, I wrote a post about technology and the advancements that have been made in the voice-to-text applications. While Siri is not perfect – whoops! Did I just say that a woman is not perfect? Ouch! Talk about my world being in deep do do…     Okay, lest I digress…     I have found...
     Here recently, I've been reading several posts where the powers to be at ActiveRain have polled real estate agents and have asked them what are the top mistakes that sellers make. I really wish that they had asked home inspectors the same question. IMHO, the mistakes that sellers make often ...
     One of the items that has been on my vision board/goals list has been to purchase a company vehicle that can be used for the office staff and marketing/realtor liaison. Being the conservative person that I am and not wanting to give my hard earned money to the tax man, I purchased the vehicl...
     There's a lot to be said about setting goals and having a vision board. For me, I choose to use the vision board so that I can physically and visually track where I am on various projects that I want to accomplish during a certain time frame. The vision board is one that is in a constant sta...
     When I was out in the desert Southwest earlier this year, one of the things that was brought to my attention and the attention of others in the group was the language that we used. In certain situations, I found that I was guilty of using weak words, speaking in innuendos, making vague state...
If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.     ~ Jim Rohn      Somewhere in my life I read or heard someone say, ‘Most people do not plan to fail, they just fail to plan.’ I can relate to that and t...
     Just when I thought that the Tennessee area was going to be out of the woods and safe from all the Arctic blasts that have been rumbling through the area, it looks as if the folks in this area need to batten down the hatches for yet another burst of cold weather. I know that most folks that ...
     It is quite a difference a day makes especially when it comes to the weather. The past few days have been brutally cold with temps hovering in the single digits which is unseasonably cold for this area. This morning, the morning temperature here in Brentwood was a balmy 29. Wow! Talk about a...
     One of the items that have been on my vision board for quite some time was to get a marketing person/realtor liaison. It really seems as when I cast my bread upon the waters of the universe unknown chains of events happen. Although I had put ads up on Craig's list and inquired through my net...
     Good grief! Somebody born in a barn? I woke up this morning and it was like 13° outside. Y'all, it just ain't supposed to get this cold this far south of the Mason-Dixon. So what I would like to know is which one of you Yayhoo’s up yonder in the 'hinterland' somewhere north of ‘the line’ lef...

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