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This blog site contains information about property inspections and areas of interest in Brentwood, TN; Franklin, TN; Nashville, TN; and Davidson and Williamson Counties of Middle Tennessee.



Traveling south out of Brentwood, TN along one of Tennessee’s many highways and byways, stands a historical marker at the entrance to Brentwood Country Club Estates. The site was originally the site of Midway Plantation, appropriately named because it was located midway between Franklin, TN and ...
During the Civil War, many battles were fought in Nashville, TN. Driving up and down Granny White Pike and Franklin Road, one can see several historical markers along these highways and byways depicting where some of the battles had taken place. At the entrance to Princeton Hills subdivision in ...
Late in the eighteenth century as settlers began pouring into the rich bottom lands of the Harpeth River Valley, many of the early pioneers brought a pioneering spirit to this area, along with a fervent belief in God - one of the cornerstones upon which our nation was built. The harsh winters, th...
While inspecting this 2 year old property, I happed to notice that the fixed window was installed up side down. All vinyl windows have drain holes to allow water to drain out of the channel. This window has the drain holes at the top. OOPS! This will be an expensive repair as all the brick work ...
Part of the property inspection is to check the plumbing fixtures and functionally test whirlpool tubs. I was surprised when I came back in the bathroom to see the bath water looking like this. Yeech! Who would want to take a bath in this? It is not uncommon to see water heaters that are in vaca...
It never ceases to amaze me when I see the things that plumbers do. When I walked around the side of the house, all I could do was shake my head and laugh.        This fella would would have had a tough time reaching this spigot as it was well over 8 feet off the ground.  This posting and the co...
Duct tape - That magical mystery material that is so essential in today's modern construction. Where would any good new construction contractor be without it? Having run out of strap hanging material, this plumbing contractor must have found a roll in the crawlspace, most likely dropped by the fr...
Up sizing might be good when ordering fries or a drink at your local burger joint, but not so for electrical wiring. While doing an inspection in the Brentwood area, I noticed that the home owner had just put in a new gas heating system and had the old electric system removed. Here in Tennessee,...
Tennessee, like many other states, has historical markers scattered along the highways and byways. Nestled between the east and west bound lanes of Murray Lane, is this historical marker one does not see too often - if ever. The sign marking this spot was erected by the Williamson County Historic...
I know that I was going to make an attempt to wean myself from doing the photo of the day, but I just could not pass this one up. While doing the outside inspection of a property in the Nashville area, I saw this power vent opening on one side of the attic. No! No one could be dumb enough to put...

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