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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Jed Billings, Dallas-based Veteran, Realtor, Kitchen Aficionado
(Jed Billings, Realtor)
As we ease into the Spring season, it's time to do quick check up on the energy efficiency of your home. There are many ways to improve efficiency, some are free, some require a little investment, and some require a large investment. We will talk about five things to check, and a sixth option if it just seems to much.1. Install Programmable ThermostatsDon't worry about turning down the thermostat when you leave the house. Allow a programmable thermostat to do the work for you! Many smart thermostats include apps that allow you to set schedules and change the temperature remotely. Some can even figure out your routine and preferences and save the frustration of figuring out how to program them.2. Change Your LightbulbsLightbulbs are one of the simplest and least expensive things you can ...
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By Wayne Turner, Painting Company in Long Island, NY
(Turner's Painting LLC)
5 Signs It's Time to Call Painters For Hire and Say Goodbye to Wall Woes! Is your home staring back at you with tired eyes? Does faded paint, chipped surfaces, and outdated colors leave you feeling uninspired? It might be time to say goodbye to those wall woes and hello to a vibrant, refreshed space with the help of Painters For Hire!Here are 5 telltale signs your home is craving a professional paint job:1. The "Faded Photo" Effect: Do your walls look like they've been bleached by the sun? Constant sunlight and daily living can take a toll, leaving surfaces dull and lifeless. A fresh coat of paint breathes new life into your space, instantly boosting its energy and vibrancy.2. The "Patchwork Quilt" Syndrome: Uneven finishes, patchy repairs, and chipped corners create a disjointed look. ...
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By Crystal Moore-Merriweather, Serving the St. Louis Real Estate Investors
(FasterFunds Lending)
Real estate investing is a lucrative venture that can provide attractive returns, but it often requires significant capital. Traditional lenders and banks may have stringent lending criteria, making it difficult for real estate investors to secure financing quickly. In such cases, hard money lending can be a viable option. Hard money lending, also known as private lending or bridge loans, offers real estate investors the opportunity to access rapid financing for their investment properties. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out, understanding the ins and outs of hard money lending can be immensely beneficial. In this guide, we will delve into the world of hard money lending, exploring its definition, purpose, the role of hard money lenders, distinguishing hard money l...
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By Seth Mayfield, Real Estate Consultant in Horseshoe Bay, TX
(Horseshoe Bay Real Estate Group)
In the vibrant city of Austin, where every corner holds a unique charm and every neighborhood tells a different story, the demand for top-tier real estate photography services is on the rise. As the real estate market continues to flourish, both sellers and agents are recognizing the importance of high-quality visuals to showcase properties in their best light. In this bustling market, it's crucial to partner with a photography company that not only understands the local landscape but also possesses the expertise to capture the essence of each property.Austin boasts a plethora of real estate photography companies, each offering its own blend of style, technique, and professionalism. From seasoned veterans to emerging talents, the options can be overwhelming. However, amidst this sea of ...
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By Donna Taylor, Serving buyers and sellers in Central MS
(Taylor Realty Group)
Thinking of moving to Mississippi?  I am going to try to help you decide whether or not moving to Mississippi is a good idea for you??Specifically, I’ve got the top 5 things you need to know before you move to MS, that you might not have thought of before today!  We’ve helped many people just like you call the Magnolia State home, and we even asked a few of them this week as I was culminating this video idea if they had some things to share!  So, I’ll take a few of their ideas, as well as a few of my own.  As a native Mississippian that’s lived here for most of my life, there are definitely lots of things I took for granted when my husband and I were first married and looking for a new place to call home…when in 2011 we moved to Denver, Colorado.   And that brings me to the first thing ...
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       Incompetency, what exactly does it mean. Well according to Webster it quite simply means, "inadequate to or unsuitable for a particular purpose." I'm sure we have all come meet someone who may be incompetent. It can be difficult to deal or be around that person, it makes you feel frustrated and unwilling to be in presence of the individual. Incompetency can be a real problem, especially in the field of real estate. You get those agents or brokers that are just so unprofessional and just quite frankly hard to do to business with. But with a little try and grit you can become a very competent agent. Here are a few tips to help you overcome becoming incompetent.  Seek Feedback- request feedback from other agents and your broker to help you learn where the room for improvement is. Co...
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By Anthony Clate, CMI Inspector serving Horry & Georgetown counties.
(CRM Inspections)
Bathroom ventilation systems are designed to exhaust odors and moist air to the home's exterior. Typical systems consist of a ceiling fan unit connected to a duct that terminates at the roof. Fan Function   The fan may be controlled in one of several ways: Most are controlled by a conventional wall switch. A timer switch may be mounted on the wall. A wall-mounted humidistat can be pre-set to turn the fan on and off based on different levels of relative humidity. Newer fans may be very quiet but work just fine. Older fans may be very noisy or very quiet. If an older fan is quiet, it may not be working well. Inspectors can test for adequate fan airflow with a chemical smoke pencil or a powder puff bottle, but such tests exceed InterNACHI's Standards of Practice. Bathroom ventilation fans ...
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By Don Carter, Have funding for Commercial and Residential Real E
(Don Carter )
I am a direct Facilitator to several diverse Commercial Real Estate project Lenders,and they are well established and well capitalized and are pursuing top quality strong projects to fund.One of these Lenders funds International and Multi National projects for direct Principal Clients.They require strong Executive Summary and or Pitch Deck of the project and the Client should be able to contribute some Equity to the project.I have an overview I can send,I also will be having some other sound opportunities I will be presenting over the next few months based on my cultivated network of solid reputable opportunities.I look forward to assisting those direct Principals or direct rep in providinga diverse alternative options to move forward on in 2024.Don CarterFacilitator    
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By Nancy Moore, Assoc.Broker/Realtor In my hometown of Needham,MA
(Gibson Sotheby's International Realty)
 A pre-approval is  an indication from your lender that they're ready to finance a specific amount for your future home. Remember, the pre-approval amount is their maximum offer; only borrow what you're comfortable repaying. With more homes listed but inventory still below the norm, coupled with a recent decline in mortgage rates, competition is fierce. A Pre-approval not only demonstrates your seriousness to sellers but also positions you strategically in a market where demand outweighs supply. It showcases your financial readiness, having undergone credit and financial checks, giving you an edge in a competitive market. The expertise and support provided by an experienced Realtor such as Nancy Moore Needham Realtor, can significantly enhance the home buying process. Her knowledge, neg...
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By Darrick Olsen | Marilyn Trabaccone, We specialize in Golf and Ski Resort Properties
(Trabaccone Olsen Advisors | Engel & Völkers Park City)
Finding Your Ideal Home: Exploring Park City's Diverse NeighborhoodsIntroduction:Welcome to our blog post where we will take you on a journey through the various neighborhoods of Park City, helping you find the perfect place to call home. From prestigious gated communities like Red Cloud, Deer Crest, Bald Eagle Club, Empire Pass, Nakoma, and Bannerwood, to charming neighborhoods like Aerie, Thaynes, Park Meadows, Sun Peak, and Silver Springs, we will highlight areas that offer unique amenities and are popular for primary residential living.Deer Valley- Red Cloud: Immerse yourself in ski-in/ski-out luxury in Red Cloud in Empire Pass, an upscale community known for its panoramic views and luxurious residences.- Empire Pass: Elevate your mountain living experience in Empire Pass, a sought-...
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By Home Inspection
Home Inspector Ottawa! As a dedicated and experienced Real Estate Agent in Canada, I am excited to introduce our comprehensive platform designed to meet all your property inspection needs. With a deep commitment to excellence and a passion for facilitating seamless real estate transactions, my team and I are here to ensure that your home buying or selling journey is supported by thorough and insightful inspections. With a keen understanding of the local real estate landscape, I bring a unique blend of expertise, going beyond the ordinary to serve both first-time homebuyers seeking peace of mind and seasoned investors aiming for informed decisions. Home Inspector Ottawa is your trusted partner in the process, offering meticulous inspection services that cover every corner of your propert...
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Renovating your basement is a transformative journey that not only enhances the aesthetics of your home but also unlocks a wealth of potential space. Whether you're looking to create a cozy living area, a home office, a game room, or even a stylish guest suite, a well-executed basement renovation can add significant value to your property. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the key aspects of basement renovation, from planning and design to execution and the potential return on investment.Planning and Design:Before diving into the renovation process, meticulous planning and thoughtful design are crucial. Identify the purpose of your basement space – is it an entertainment area, an additional bedroom, or a combination of functionalities? Consider factors such as lighting, insul...
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By Klapperich Real Estate, Family-owned Wisconsin real estate firm since 1979
(Klapperich Real Estate)
Klapperich Real Estate continues to help guide buyers and sellers as it celebrates its 45th year as an independent real estate firm. The real estate company specializes in single family homes, condos, waterfront, investment properties, and land sales.“The growth of the company can be attributed to our customers, agents and support staff, past and present, that share in the same culture of high standards, professionalism and ethics. We realize there are a lot of options today when selecting a firm or agent to help you buy or sell. It’s important to choose wisely because there can be huge differences.” said Steve Klapperich, managing broker.Trusted guidance to buying and selling homes has always been the foundation to success at Klapperich Real Estate. There is an unrivaled dedication tow...
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By Matt Kuchar, Licensed Broker in Florida and Colorado
(LoKation Real Estate)
Showami Showing AgentsWhen I started Showami in 2016, I was solving a problem that I had in my real estate business.  Whenever I tried to take time off, there were buyers who would contact me to view properties. I wasn't always available and sometimes my clients would miss out on a property because I couldn't be two places at once.Basically Showami is a fast, easy and reliable way for real estate agents and property managers to get help showing homes.  We have showing agent coverage in all 50 states. It usually takes 3 minutes or less to have a request accepted.These are licensed real estate agents who show homes for a fee. 
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By Robb Harpster & Tera Barker, Residential real estate services in Central Ohio
(Century 21 Excellence Realty)
Dublin, Ohio, is known for its scenic beauty, a vibrant Irish festival, and as the home of Wendy's fast-food chain. But for those looking for more than just the average suburban dwelling, Muirfield Village stands out as a premier destination. Packed with charm, luxury, and a host of amenities, Muirfield Village homes are the epitome of modern, comfortable living. Let's explore why home buyers and Dublin residents are flocking to this one-of-a-kind neighborhood.Unveiling Muirfield Village: Your Idyllic Home AwaitsTucked in the heart of Dublin, the Muirfield Village community has an allure that's hard to resist. From its inception in the 1970s to its ever-evolving present-day charm, Muirfield Village offers residents a taste of the good life. With meticulously planned neighborhoods, each ...
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By Griffith Homebuilders, Custom Modular Homebuilder
(Griffith Homebuilders of Iowa, LLC)
Here is a list from Griffith Homebuilders of a few of the more significant items to consider when you are considering building a new modular home fromSite Layout: Is the site flat or rolling. Flat sites are easiest and less costly to build on. A rolling land site can add beauty and creates the potential for a walkout basement. Walkout basement can be a great addition to a home. They provide sunlight for a bright and airy finished basement or just a place to drop your dirty clothes to keep the main living area clean. Walkouts do add cost to the home, but can be a great addition.Floor Plan: This is probably the most important selection. Choose a floor plan that fits the way you live today. If you love to cook, spend some time making sure the kitchen is exactly the way you want it. If ente...
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By Tyler Park
Im brand new to Real Estate. What advice would you seasoned agents give to someone just entering the field?
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By Michael Lamirande, Listing&buyer Agent/ leasing and investment proper
(DelVal Realty and property management )
Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, lies the quaint and charming village of Skippack. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of big city life, Skippack offers a serene retreat for those seeking a tranquil yet vibrant community to call home. From its rich history to its thriving local scene, there are countless reasons why choosing to live in Skippack is an exceptional decision.Embracing Small-Town CharmSkippack exudes a timeless small-town charm that instantly captivates visitors and residents alike. Stroll down its tree-lined streets adorned with historic buildings, boutique shops, and cozy cafes, and you'll feel transported to a bygone era. The sense of community here is palpable, with neighbors greeting each other warmly and local businesses ...
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By Ainsley Gower, Victoria BC Realtor
(Ainsley Gower Real Estate)
Since October 2023, new regulations have been introduced but will only be implemented starting May 2024. These regulations represent a pivotal change in both the real estate market and the tourism industry due to the prohibition of short-term rentals. This strategic move is primarily focused on enhancing housing stability but brings significant consequences for the thriving tourism industry in Victoria, BC, a city celebrated for its stunning landscapes and dynamic cultural scene.The Rationale Behind the Short-Term Rental ProhibitionThe initiative to limit short-term rentals in British Columbia stems from increasing concerns about the affordability and accessibility of housing. In locales such as Victoria, where the housing market is notably constrained, the intention is to repurpose pro...
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By Jose Segarra, When Experience Matters, Hire Real Estate Veteran
(Homevets Realty LLC)
Embarking on unexpected journeys is a hallmark of life, and my recent venture from the world of real estate into the realm of politics, and back again, has been nothing short of enlightening. In this blog post, I want to share the valuable lessons I've learned along the way. From Property Listings to Political CampaignsThe transition from real estate to politics was not a leap I had initially planned. However, the experience proved to be a unique chapter in my professional life. Here are some insights gained during this unexpected detour: Lesson 1: Embrace the UnpredictabilityThe real estate market, like politics, is inherently unpredictable. Economic shifts, policy changes, and community sentiments all play a role in shaping both landscapes. Embrace the uncertainty, and rather than fea...
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