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As appliances age, it is not unusual for the male terminals to work loose from the molded plugs, and occasionally when they fail, the prongs become embedded in the outlet. Judging by the burn marks on the end of the terminal, it looks as if this appliance had gotten the terminals quite hot from t...
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As part of the inspection process for the State of Tennessee, we are required to test smoke detectors for functionality. Here in Davidson (Metro Nashville) and Williamson Counties, smoke alarms are to be wired in tandem so that an alarm in one area will sound throughout the entire system. We gene...
It seems here lately, I have been reading a lot of posts about how slow AR has been here lately, and the frustration that people are getting when they cannot get on to their favorite blog spot. At various times of the day, I attempt to logon or go to a post and and I get the dreaded following mes...
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Many of you who follow my blogs, know that last Saturday I wrote a post about an attorney who was selling his house and he threatened to sue me because of issues that I put in my report that his inspector did not find a year ago. (Click Here to Read Post) Well blow me down, late Monday evening I ...
I don't know how it is in your area, but since the last wave of hurricanes, especially Ike, the gasoline supply here in the Nashville area has dried up. Driving down any major street whether it be in Nashville, Brentwood or Franklin, one will see station after station with bags over the pump hand...
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