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How to Burn Your House Down With Out Really Trying . . . Much as been written and posted on the Internet and here in Active Rain about dryers and dryer venting and why proper venting for these appliances is so very important. A friend of mine, Charles Buell an inspector in Seattle, WA, recently w...
Home inspectors are not just a pretty face in the crowd. They really have to know their craft especially when it comes to new homes and framing inspections. As part of the services we offer for our clients, framing inspections are imperative since far too often, major framing faults and structura...
It seems as if here lately I have been running into many 40 gallon electric water heaters in my inspections, especially in new construction and rehabs. Depending upon the application, I write these up as being improperly sized. Here’s why. The selection of a particular type hot water supply syst...
This week, Active Rain was all abuzz with postings about Earth Day as there must have been at least 2 zillion posts about it. And, I think that is great because we only have one planet, and once this one gets screwed up, there ain't no going to another. Being good stewards does not follow politic...
While inspecting a two year old townhouse in Nashville, TN's west side, I saw this unusual installation for the water heater. The fan unit is not what is unusual, as it is not uncommon to see this forced systems on gas water heaters in this area. What is unusual, is that the unit is plugged into ...
This is the first in a series of posts that I am going to make on how to read the serial numbers for the more popular units in my area. I am going to start with Goodman heating and cooling products out of Houston, TX. These are very common to see throughout the south and here in the Middle Tennes...
As a member of The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) for the past five years and a licensed home inspector for the state of Tennessee for the past 2, there are certain guidelines that we must follow when inspecting a property. I cannot speak for other home inspectors in other states as e...
The attached photo is a classic example why insurance companies classify extension cords as a fire safety hazard. The home owner used an extension cord that was designed and rated for light duty use such as lamps and other light duty appliances to run the air conditioner unit. Depending upon the...
Not all home inspectors are created equal. The truth to that statement became really apparent yesterday while inspecting a relatively new property in the Franklin Tennessee area. The owner agent for this property confidently told me that he had just had this property inspected by HIS inspector a...
Plastic dryer venting has been banned from residential usage for several years now. This type of material is considered a fire safety hazard and should be replaced if you have this present in your home. While inspecting an older property in Brentwood, TN today I ran across sections of plastic dr...

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