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(not so) Speechless Sunday...      Ah-h-h-h snow. Mother Nature's blanket. It can be beautiful to look at. While it covers the ground with its velvety, soft appearance, it also changes our colorful world. Devoid of color, scenes take on shades of gray that add that mystery to our lives...  Below ...
Let It Do What???      The "S" word rarely comes around this area. But when it does, it is surely a time to get out the old trusty shootin' iron and have at it. Although nice to look at (for awhile) I'm about ready for ol' Sol to come out and get rid of this crap stuff.       Below are some of pi...
Friday's Fotos ~ Saturday Edition... Wow! Where has the time gone? Saturday already? Geeze Loueeze!!!       One of the hardest things for most photographers, is to get decent pictures in low light settings. Some of the pictures I took on a recent trip to Vegas proved to be most challenging. I rea...
23 Down, A Zillion More to Go...Another day. I stand and watch my Wii avatar puff up like some strange Atlantic blow fish as my daily weight and BMI are calculated. My only consolation? I no longer have to dodge the flying buttons and the console no longer says, "One at a time, please."  Like mil...
Very reminiscent of the old tune by David Essex ~ ActiveRain ROCKS ON with yet another unoffical record. Yesterday's unofficial tally of 2,291 posts eclipses the old record set last Wednesday of 2,253 posts. It kinda looks like hump day has gotten ActiveRain over the hump. And where do we go from...
(not so) Wordless Wednesday Some folks have a distorted view of life. We typically call these folks sick-o's, weird-o's or just plain "touched in the head". On the other hand, some folks spend their lives looking for and trying to capture the distorted. We call these folks artists. So what is the...
Have you checked your Google map lately? Odd as it may seem, sometimes the big boys goof-up big time!. While doing some updating on my social media pages, I happened to notice the Google map for my location seemed a bit odd. I did not recognize any of the streets in my neighborhood. Can it be tha...
Monday Morning Motivator & Some Points to Ponder... “He who rides the tiger can never dismount”  ~~ Chinese Proverbs quotes This year marks the year of the Tiger in the Chinese calendar. When folks focus on the woes of this lack luster economy, it is easy to get depressed. He who rides the powerf...
Different as Night and Day...About a week ago, fellow rainer, Vegas Bog, posted an article on the exhibit in the Bellagio atrium ~ The year of the Tiger. As with all things in Vegas, attractions take on a different persona depending upon what time of the day you visit. I think that VB did an exce...
Yesterday I posted a silly post about all the reflected colors in the gilded horse in the main lobby of the Bellagio Hotel in Vegas. And what caused all those colors in that fantastic piece of artwork? Another fantastic piece of artwork located right above it. My only regret is that I did not hav...

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