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       As the ringing and singing contest winds down and its final hours quickly descend upon us, one of the folks that was on my list to ring and sing about was none other than Wisconsinite Bob Crane. Before video editing session that is part of the Church Ministry I am a part of began, I thinki...
     This has been a crazy month. Fuel prices and temperatures have been all over the map. Fuel prices in this section of middle Tennessee area range from a high of $2.09 to a minimum of $1.63 per gallon of regular gas. All I can say is the price of gas is like real estate. It depends upon locati...
     I know that flowers are not a ‘man thing’ except if he is giving them to his significant other as a nice bouquet does warm the cockles of a woman’s heart. I never understood the reason that cockles need warming; I suppose that is a blog for some other time. Lest I digress - back to flowers. ...
     Wow! Can you believe it? The first month on the year is almost history. Time is really fun when one is gulping down flies or is that time flies when we are gulping? Gosh, when one gets to be my age, it is so easy to get confused. Nevertheless, this month is almost in the bag. I am trying to ...
     Okay, who is Yooour? I received a notice that has followed me. Being curious, I had to click on their profile to see if they were legit. This bounced me to another site that I have not taken the initiative to enter. Has anyone else received this follow or has anyone else viewed the...
     Today, I received a potential lead from ActiveRain. It seems as if Andrew is having some problems. While I feel bad about the recent loss of his father, I am sure that investing in his late father’s estate and financial holdings will be very beneficial for him. Needless to say, I was born bu...
     As we all know, Debbie Reynolds has hosted a contest “Ringing and Singing” in the ‘Rain. Last week I reached out to several ‘Rainers. One in particular is none other than drywall refinisher, bathroom fixer-upper, deck repairer and just an all around good guy - Tom Arstingstall; General Contr...
     The face of AR keeps on changing. When I logged in this morning, I noticed that some of the links were missing from the banner. Two in particular are ‘Points” and “Recent Posts’.      I am not too sure the reason they were removed. I am sure the geeks behind the scene had their reasons. Oh, ...
Monday Morning Motivator & Some Points to Ponder...

     Sometimes the things we can't change, end up changing us instead. ~ Unknown     There comes a time in everyone’s life when one has to defy logic and step out in faith. I know that there are many quotes on faith, belief and hope. Just as fa...
     Today, 7 years ago, I  wrote my 100th post. Needless to say, I have come a long way and I have come to realize that good quality posts take quite a bit of time and energy. Being a Trekkie, I want to take this time to share one of my favorite quotes on time…     “Time is a companion that goes...

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