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Monday Morning Motivator Good Morning  Our attitudes control our lives. Attitudes are a secret power working twenty-four hours a day, for good or bad. It is of paramount importance that we know how to harness and control this great force." — Tom Blandi   This motivational moment has been brought ...
Well, it looks as if our ‘ol buddy ‘Bubba’ has been hard at it playing plumber again once again. Yeah buddy! While inspecting a “flipper” in Nashville, TN, I could not help but laugh and shake my head at another one of his ongoing misadventures. The picture below shows how installing a drain line...
Having read several articles about the rising cost of fuel and how it is affecting people in the service industries and taking a personal inventory on how it is adversely affecting mine, I was wondering how it is affecting your business and what are you going to do to combat the situation? Person...
As we all know, art is 95% inspiration and 5% perspiration, but in the case of ‘Bubba’ our unhandy handyman, it’s probably the other way around… While inspecting a rehab on the east side Nashville, TN, I was mused by this resemblance to an old screen saver. I guess that since ‘Bubba’s’ TV went on...
Yup! You heard me right... The price of gasoline is going down. According to the latest news release on NPR, the price of gasoline declined this week a whopping 0.0033 cents per gallon Nationwide! How exciting! The savings at the gas pump and a buck will almost buy you a double cheese burger at M...
It seems as if our 'ol buddy Bubba has been having a rough week this week. No sooner does he have one botched misadventure playing carpenter on this rehab project in the Hillsboro Village section of Nashville, TN than he decides to try his hand at plumbing again. Yeah Buddy! I can hear him now......
While inspecting a newly rehabbed property in Nashville, TN’s Hillsboro Village section, I ran across another misadventure of Bubba, our unhandy handyman… Yeah Buddy! Well, either 'ol our buddy Bubba uncorked one too many brewskies or the bubble was off in his level. Maybe his bubble is off peri...
Today I inspected a property that was a direct results of my blogs here in the Active Rain Community. Click here to read post. While inspecting this property in the Brentwood area, it seems as if our old buddy Bubba was up to his shenanigans once again. Yeah Buddy! Today he was playing plumber. N...
I love inspecting rehabs… I love inspecting rehabs… I love inspecting rehabs… At least that is what I keep telling myself. There are some properties that are about as much fun to inspect as a sharp stick in the eye. Today I had a real doozie. I will not bother reprinting the marketing BS… Excuse ...

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