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This blog site contains information about property inspections and areas of interest in Brentwood, TN; Franklin, TN; Nashville, TN; and Davidson and Williamson Counties of Middle Tennessee.



Be Safe ~ Not Sorry...      When potential buyers look at a property, they are looking at the aesthetics not the functionality or safety features. When the untrained eye looks at the photo below, one sees a sees a cool looking stairwell, loft and a nice clean open space. However, the trained eye ...
Size Does Matter...     I have been running into many 40 gallon electric water heaters in my inspections, especially in rehabs. While I understand that it is all about turning a profit; 9 times out of ten, I write these up as being improperly sized. Here’s why:      The selection of a particular ...
Coming Soon...     This week I made the decision to forgo my weekly edition of Dielh Killerz. Not that I have run out of blog fodder, but work on getting the websites for and have taken front burner for the time being.      With real estate home inspections on the rise...
Williamson County TN - Market Report     Williamson County TN continues to be very active as this area is experiencing a steady recovery as compared to other areas of Tennessee and other National real estate markets. Watch the video below for an overview of what is happening in the Williamson Cou...
Diehl Killerz - Episode 7 ~ General Lee Speaking…     In this episode of Diehl Killers, Big Diehl is a getting a little overwhelmed at his new career in home inspecting. Thankfully, Professor Brainstrain is there to mentor and deliver the pep talk that Big Diehl needs to set him straight. Profess...
Brentwood TN Market Report - December 2011...     Overall, sales for the Brentwood, TN real estate market for December 2011 were up as compared to the same period in 2010. At our current rate of absorption, there is the possibility that the term "Sellers Market" may return to the Brentwood TN are...
When Will it End?      I have been a loyal member of ActiveRain for several years. I can remember all the ups, down and changes to the platform since 2007. Some have been good, others well...        While I respect the fact that ActiveRain Corporation is modifying the code, there still seems issu...
Diehl Killerz - Episode 4 ~ It's a Gas…      Home inspectors are not just another pretty face in the crowd. Although they wear the hat of a generalist, they must constantly read and learn as construction methodologies are in constant flux.      In today's episode of Diehl Killerz, Professor Brain...

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