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We hear so much razzmatazz from the talking heads about this economic stimulus package that is surely going to surpass a Trillion dollars. This word is being tossed around like it were chump change or something. Folks, we are talking trillion with a capital "T". If you are like me, I needed some ...
There is nothing better than an open fire, friends and a bag of marshmallows. Some folks like to take their time and get them a golden brown, while others like to torch them to a crisp. Kinda fun to blow the fire out and eat the hot gooey mess... So what do rehabbed properties and marshmallows h...
I have heard of builders and construction workers loosing their shirt, pants, or drawers as we call them down south, but never their coveralls... Lucky for this fortunate person though, I found them. I wouldn't want them to be running around feeling a draft... Wishing all my fellow drips and twee...
There is so much to be said that a photo is worth at least 999 words +/- a few. While on a "Whale Watching" trip to AK last year, I passed this fellow poised for this "Kodak Moment". I certainly hope I got his good side... Follow me on Twitter... By You can follow me on FaceBo...
I do like these "say it with picture" posts as it does give fellow drips an opportunity to "see the world" from the convenience of their favorite place to enjoy Active Rain - whether it be home or favorite coffee shop. In yesterdays Monday Morning Motivator, I had a picture of one of my favorite...
Active Rain is not the only social media out there but it is one of the social medias that I use that seems to have a lot of Google juice. Next to Active Rain, I tweet when I get time and I get several emails a week about linking twitter buttons back to my profile page. So for all you tweeps out...
Monday Morning Motivator... Time is but a stream to go a fishin' in. ~~ Henry David Thoreau My favorite fishing hole some 50 miles inland from Ketchikan, AK Follow me on Twitter... You can follow me on FaceBook too.... © 2009 michael thornton - complete home inspections, inc. | brentwood, tn | 61...
Some folks are just ratchet jaws. They have to go to great lengths to articulate each and every phrase known to man (or woman) to describe a situation or event. I for one believe that a picture is worth at least 999 words give or take a few. And yes, I have been known to be a ratchet jaw at time...
Ineffective people live day after day with unused potential. They experience synergy only in small, peripheral ways in their lives. But creative experiences can be produced regularly, consistently, almost daily in people's lives. It requires enormous personal security and openness and a spirit of...
Today's 2do list included installing the latest and greatest version of the windows operating system, Windows 7, on one of my laptops. Although I am a proud MAC user, I am still locked into the PC world due to proprietary reporting software that is not MAC compatible. Another Bummer! But what the...

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