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Did you know as of today there are 5312 groups on the Activerain network?  Many groups to choose from and so little time!  Each group has something special to offer each member...but there is always the gotta join!     Why should you place your posts in groups?  It gives your posts not...
I recently went to the health food store as a matter of fact...I am there at least 2 times a month...its costly...but effective...and then I did some homework yesterday...I could buy identical products on line and save hundreds a dollars a month.  Same product...less money...cutting out the retai...
Why does the public sometimes views us the way we do?  Is there a misunderstanding?  Lack of Communication or is it over promising and under delivering..Have you ever thought about it especially for someone who sits and waits to buy their first home..they are excited..overjoyed...but something ha...
I've always been a fan of Activerain regardless of what others say and do.  Yes I bought a community... Pelican Bay...I admit I haven't really done anything with was the outside blogs..I could not wait...I attached a domain...but when listing router came out I never gave it a second tho...
As a trainer it's difficult to train someone to blog or even send an e-mail if the person sending the email can't find the keys on the keyboard. Or they try to do something on line and skip a step and refuse to read the tutorial.  While it's logical to me..some fail to realize by skipping one ste...
  Although in many parts of the country..the weather has been extreme we've been lucky. Even these beautiful wild flowers can handle the Daytona Beach Cold Weather!It's been beautiful! Need to get out of the cold and spend your winters on the beach?Call Midori Miller, CENTURY 21 Sundance Realty ...
Every morning I spend an hour reading...learning....and keeping myself updated..and I thought I would share these articles with you! "Global Internet usage reached over 1 billion unique visitors in the month of December, with 41.3 percent coming from the Asia-Pacific region, according to a report...
This post was written in 2007 and today while rereading it..I thought it was worth repeating for a couple of reasons. Its nothing new but packed with info and truth... you take a risk when your customer feels they must talk to the manager...somewhere...somehow communication broke down and there i...
I've noticed something and am not sure if anyone else has but in reading many blog posts.. I noticed...either non-members are commenting or members are forgetting to log in!    Interesting don't you think? Is it that comments without links are non members or are they members just not logging in? ...
Yesterday I was working away in the office...and the next thing I know...someone in our office was being served docs and notified they must give a deposition...two magazines battling back and forth!  Yes this has been ongoing and I personally think it's a silly lawsuit at that! The worst of the w...

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