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I have read so many debates on social media, as a trainer I seem to view things a bit different.  While I won't claim to be an expert I can tell you I've made many contacts..generated business and opportunities....and am still consistent and continue to build relationships every single day. "Blog...
Recently I did a presentation at our Technology Fair...last year I opted for a PowerPoint..last year I must have emailed that power point over and over again and in some cases to the same person!  Well, this year I decided one PowerPoint...period...why?  Because I have blogs loaded wit...
Disclaimer: 23 Million Either Bought-Sold or Are Ready To Buy or Sell Real Esate While Searching The Net!-this may not be accurate for today's current market conditions but a guideline and understanding about Internet buyers and sellers. Have you taken the time to read the yahoo real estate white...
Social Networking Platform VS. Personal Blogs and Websites Recently I read an interesting comment on one of my posts..very logical and it makes perfect sense..we send our listings to various places...our content and info to the big boys on the search engines and The big boys keep getting bigger.....
    Dick Pollard Host of has invited Midori Miller to be on the radio.... oh oh on the radio! :) Daytona Beach Florida 1380 am from 12 to 1 pm. Today's Topic Technology Fair- Lowest Priced Properties that Sold in Daytona Beach- Multi-level marketing..and he wants to talk ab...
It happens often...a customer looking for a specific agent or person and they called the wrong office...they named names..what to do...what to do?  Often times they are in the midst of a transaction..or a friend..or looking to do business once again. Oh what to do...what to do? We attempt to find...
I swear sometimes I think that some people involved in real estate transactions not realize the true value of services we all provide.  Often times the buying and selling process is downplayed by so many...until something goes wrong and then automatically people are pointing fingers and...
OK, not really everyone knows how much I admire the  problogger, Darren Rowse.  One thing that happened during this 31 day challenge is he got me in gear..with the help of the computer scientist and my brother...those neglected...abused and ignored blogs that I have created are starting to have s...
When I started in real estate...there were many things I was willing to is no a matter of fact...I learned early on...despite what we call ourselves...we are sales people!  To think that term is ugly or embarrassed by those words?  We sell houses...lifestyles..and regardl...
One of the best gifts I have ever received from social networking is friendships...friendships that lead us off-line and into one another's lives. Jeannette Neerpat and I really did not interact that often on Activerain...believe it or was a tweet!  I admit I am not the best twit but at o...

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