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For The past few days, for some reason I have been zeroing in on avatars... Don't ask me why..but it must have been a few blog posts I've read...that left a lasting impression on me. Maybe it wasn't the post..maybe someone I feel I know or I can relate to...based on their face..or the avatar whi...
Ever think about how hard your parents worked?  How they managed?  I was thinking about how hard my parents worked..lived and loved while we were growing up.  As I look mom was and is quite impressive!   Back then it was OK not to have everything you was sometimes go with...
Its a wonderful thing...New Guidelines...and Hope for Shortsale Experts and their customers!  Thanks Lenn..You Rock The House! FANNIE MAE SERVICING GUIDE                                         * * * *  HARD CORE REAL ESTATE INFORMATION * * * * THIS SERVICING GUIDE FROM FANNIE MAE CONFIRMS WHAT C...
Zeroing in on problems can only make the focal point very small!  Your customers deserve deserve better!   This is no time to bury your head in the sand..or look the other way...regardless of how we feel about the economy or our careers... we are committed...many of us took an oath....
  Recently someone sent me a reminder email asking me for the sample of the prelisting presentation.  I admit..I have tried hard to keep up with these requests but sometimes I don't look in the ever dreaded spam folder!  I keep the emails and go through them at my leisure. It seems when my spam ...
Its reality...many companies have cut back..some forcing employees to take pay cuts in order to keep their jobs and unfortunately not have any other options except to be laid off.  It is happening to people close to me. I believe when one door closes another one opens!  It might not hap...
An emergency meeting with self has been ordered! see like so many I seem to take every opportunity that comes my way.  The problem is sometimes...these impromptu opportunities cause havoc in your everyday world and may cause one to change direction. I'm flexible...and might ...
It's splattered over the net...budget cuts here and budget cuts there...caps on salaries...schools closing...Who suffers the most during these rough economic times?  Our Children.... No this is not about the stimulus package..or even real estate..the fact is everyone is affected...and in many peo...
Have you ever read something and said I knew this was going to happen or make a decision just had that knot in your stomach...sometimes you just blurt out...I just know...It's a knowing! I have and I am... I am one of those people whose intuition is strong...not because of supernatur...
  Make it a great selling week!  Midori Miller is a licensed real estate associate with CENTURY 21 Sundance Realty, Real Estate Trainer and Manager . If you are interested in a career in real estate please contact me!  All calls and inquiries are confidential.  CENTURY 21 Sundance Realty is loca...

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