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Today I received an email from a real estate agent whose relative recently was hacked...their yahoo account and Facebook.  What's an unsuspecting victim to do?   Here are the instructions I sent and you might want to bookmark for future reference. Google Support -give them as much...
November 19 a contest was announced that I would be giving away 3 Google Voice Invites..... Tonight at 5:30 pm numbers were tallied for the Black Friday | Google Voice Invite Contest And the winners are...... ????????????????????????????????????????????????? Sorry you have to go to my real estate...
If you are like me you might have joined a few social networks you know with a blogging platform and no matter what you do..those darn notifications that someone left you a comment keep rolling know cases and cases of spam comment notifications overload your email.  OR- Maybe you joined m...
I love widgets...widgets that have purpose and can benefit a blog reader. Well today while sitting at my computer I was quite surprised I was contacted a couple of times via google voice. Google voice rocks the house or should I say condo?  That's what the caller on the end wanted..a Daytona Beac...
  The downplay of the featured post makes me laugh sometimes.  There are those that state they aren't a big deal or its not important.  Then there are those like myself who openly admit...I love featured posts!  C'mon now admit it! Some things never change and the featured post debate will be on...
Some interesting ongoing debates...throughout the blogosphere...people seem to STILL feel contempt towards the big know and Trulia.... A question was posed to me...why send them to these places when they should be hitting your site...the point is CONSUMERS shoul...
I posed this question once on facebook...if the banks handle their REO's electronically why not handle short sales the same manner. I knew that one day...a bank or banks would wise up... Short Sales to be handled electronically?  Its a dream come true! Today I closed on a short sale with check in...

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