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I was working on a localism post and created a list post..this list post had several links..the ultimate goal is to generate traffic and gain additional readers and if you want to keep people on your post-Consider the way you link.     One thing to keep in mind..your goal is to keep your readers ...
  Make it a great selling day!  About The Author: Midori Miller is a Real Estate Trainer and writes and trains Real Estate Training and assists sellers in short sale situations. Midori is a Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker , License # BK645709 and a member of the Daytona Area Association of RE...
Should a Lawyer or an Agent Negotiate Your Sacramento Short Sale? This is a great article written by Elizabeth Weintraub..however selecting the right attorney will always make a difference in whether a short sale will be sold or the property will go into foreclosure. Right now I am working on a s...
Jeremy Blanton, Spam Fighter..and Community Builder is the father of little Isabelle..and little Isabelle is already in competition....   Vote Birthday Photo Contest, she is photo #28. Voting will end noon, Tuesday, July 28th. The winner will be announced and have the...
When I bought my first agent made a lot of decisions for me...while we discussed offering thing I knew..regardless of what the agent said I thought about my affordability. was important to keep my payment at a certain place..that meant..if I could not keep my pay...
Today I was reading an old copy of the REALTOR magazine, the 30 under 30 edition..and one of the things that struck a cord was the fact...Activerain was named Most Innovative Media Site by Inman News in 2007. Heck I still believe they are the most innovative site..then again...I fell in love in 2...
For some they may snub the idea of reblogging...the thought of someone else's written words on your blog, NO WAY!  If more people really understood the true value of reblogging...some may consider using it a bit more. No, reblogging is not for the lazy but for the smart and see re...
  Yesterday I received an email from someone who is dying to blog but the problem is they feel they are not creative enough... Do not know what to write about...nor have the confidence to write a post. So they asked me what should I blog about on Activerain?  So I thought for those that are new....
Scenario:  Listing agent obtains a listing from a bank...the sign is up...and has been up for almost a week...buyer saw the property already with their agent....but it's not in the mls..buyer wants to write an offer based on comps but the listing agent...says no..what else..the wait game...waitin...
I come from the old school of marketing...where branding and consistency is extremely important...familiarity is the point of the consistency...I wonder does that include avatars?   A few days ago...someone said to me...that maybe I should change my avatar..its been a year and I admit..I look ver...

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