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Help me help a brother brother that is! No he is not competing with Activerain...he is a member here too! Lately we have become closer and closer due to our common interests. While I like building blogs....he likes building directories. I train real estate and he buys and sells land. Ri...
When I was growing up with my four brothers...they had two names for me...One of them was memorex...that's right like the cassette...I can rehash and relive memory has been incredible my whole life...or at least that is what I thought. I have always been trained in my careers to car...
Last night I sat and read wikipedia about the writer's guild strike. I truly can see both sides of the issue. In 2007, the studio's and the writer's could not come to terms with the renewals of upcoming contracts. Therefore, in fact it brought us to this point.While some actors and actresses are ...
Currently there are 67,888 members and 1621 and by the time I post this...the numbers will have changed...there can only be 16 featured posts on the dashboard on any given time.  One of the things that I have time progressed...and more people joined...and the network got
I have always enjoyed sports my whole must have been the 3 boys that I have raised..or maybe the 4 brothers I grew up with....not sure but sports have always been an important part of my life! Funny thing, I never got into the Nascar a matter of fact I never understood it unt...
Sponsor the Daytona Area Association of Realtors Tech Fair and check out some of the benefits...  We have invited 7 of the local boards in the area.  I am proud and honored to be part of this event.  If you are interested please read the breakdown........Bronze-250.00Free advertising on websiteNa...
The Technology Fair for 2008 will be held May 30th, 2008 at the Hilton Resort. The event will be bigger and better than our first fair!If your company is interested in being a vendor....Vendor spaceis $100.00 and includes wireless internet access and more.  We will be inviting Realtors from 4 cou...
Going through the dashboard...I find myself being amused...comments on...comments off...anonymous vs. public...members many choices...much like a city. Activerain Community is Larger Than Many U.S. Cities...It's Obvious...Sometimes We Won't Agree! In my mind...I appreciate the...
Recently the Florida Real Estate Commission amended the rule 61J2.14.008 in regards to escrow deposits that apply to sales contracts.  More paperwork...more confirmation!  It was re evaluated January 16th.  The Rule Reads....."Within three business days after initial and subsequent deposits are d...
Funny thing when real estate professionals get on the phone.  Often times they think they are in the room alone.  I am guilty of it too...carrying on ....on the phone...Just me and the person on the other end. Careful and don't assume.There might be a good chance you are on speaker phone and how ...

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