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A few days ago I posted about contacting the White House I read through the comments...I noticed Missy's asked for it you got it....   With over 147,413 members on the Activerain network ...if I learned one thing by being in this network...we is always better than I ...
About The Author: Midori Miller is a Real Estate Trainer and writes and trains Real Estate Training and assists sellers in short sale situations. Midori is a Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker, License # BK645709 and a member of the Daytona Area Association of REALTORS. Contact midorimiller@yah...
I received yet another call on a seller who needs to do a short I heard the story I couldn't help but want to help...because its the same story over and over again. Their life happened You see they bought this house 5 years ago....both husband and wife are sick..they can't work....
Last week I made a decision to read more...comment less  Now with all the talk of social media experts...when you think about it..those that are doing it and successfully are social media experts.   What works for one may not work for another. Bill Gassett is a social media expert to me but I cou...
Recently I have been reading many blog posts about internet real estate companies and the end of the brick and mortar the State of Florida..I always thought it to be must maintain an office and you must have proper signage... Chapter 475 475.22  Broker to mai...
To me this is good news...and worth sharing....I admit if it wasn't for Frank Garay and Brian Stevens of TBWS daily... I might not have caught this as fast as I did!   Imagine that a standardized short sale process...something that is long overdue and happy to see the government is doing somethin...
A Note To all Lenders and Financial Institutions If you want to get it right and get properties sold..I would concern yourself with the agents selected to do BPO's.  Friday I received and order and I declined it...while some would think it was crazy...I did what was best for the market.    In all...
9:38 pm placed property listing on Craigslist.....10:20 pm...a question from a potential buyer...this morning...3 more questions.    While it might be questions...questions can turn into communication...which can turn into potential buyers and sellers. The more you circulate your listings the bet...
Susan Southerland-Luta and myself presented a class to Embry Riddle University Students in was a class of engineers.  While preparing for our presentation which was a class for the students to graduate we learned a couple of things and hopefully by sharing it might be useful when worki...
We all seem to have our preferences...I mean I prefer a one stop shop so to speak meaning I am loving Facebook and everything it has to offer.  Now I am not downplaying the value of twitter at a matter of fact...I have had some great conversations...additional traffic and made new friends...

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