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How do I get started in purchasing a home? If I were personally look for a home today...I would do the following things before contacting a real estate professional: Before I would pick up magazines and start looking at houses regardless of my income, my employment record regardless of how much ...
Jeannette Neepat had surgery was a success and knowing Jeannette she'll be back on her feet before we know it...please send her warm wishes to let her know we are all thinking of her.   It was a year ago that Jeannette and I became friends through the Makeover2Takeover perk...
T-E-A-M-W-O-R-K There has never been a real estate transaction that occurred that one role was more important than the other..there is a buyer, a seller, real estate most cases a loan officer or mortgage broker...either an attorney or title company..lets not forget...the appraiser, th...
Google amazes me with all of the tools available today.  Recently I've been playing with the public data information.  Find public statistical data through Google "Public statistical data, such as unemployment rates or population numbers, doesn't need to be hard to find or, more importantly, hard...
Most people laugh when they hear about the scams that are taking place all over the net.  These scammers are hitting...Craigslist...Facebook...and even Flickr and today...I got one from one of my Careerbuilder alerts.  I've personally had several through all of these sources...fortunately I spend...
MySpace Countdown Clocks Please R.S.V.P and visit the for additional details.  Oh and maybe we can test on line marketing... Anyone care to sponsor and gain additional notoriety and familiarity of your company and products to a bunch of real estate technology enthusiast...
WARNING....WARNING....WARNING HOUSE FOR RENT SCAM Another Craigslist SCAM...Craigslist SCAM Today's message from our Daytona Beach Area Association of REALTORS! The Port Orange Police Department wished to notify our citizens about a scam involving houses being falsely advertised for rent on Craig...
Many consumers moonlight to earn sufficient income to provide for their families and if need be, why wouldn't a REALTOR do the same thing?  If you recall Jeannette participated in the Makever2Takeover and placed 3rd in between juggling her children, her husband, her house, her real estate busines...
A Post Worth Repeating!    The National Association of Mortgage Brokers recently sent out a call to action in attempt to get the industries voice heard.    I want to make the mortgage brokers that are not in the association know, as well as appraisers, Real Estate Brokers, Consumers, and Title Ag...
Ever stop to think who are the biggest critics of real estate agents?..its clear... Other real estate agents Ever wonder why the public sees us in the light in which they do? Real Estate Agents being critical of other real estate agents!  Please spare me..its the nature of the business because in...

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