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Everyday I get something in my email or in my comment thread that ends up turning into a blog post. This is for those who are not convinced that Activerain is one of the best real estate marketing tools around...For you non-believers..... you may want to take note.... The big question:  How much ...
Are you a Google analytics user?  If not you should be.  How can you gage the success of your website and blogs if you do not understand their effectiveness or better yet what is your intent and what do you want as your end result?  Readers...subscribers...$$$$$....Do people get lost in your word...
  *PLEASE NOTE: All data entered will be available to the public and viewable and usable by anyone. Google does not review or verify the accuracy of this data. For additional info go to The Support Disaster Relief in Haiti Google Page It's hard enough to lose a loved one, I can't imagine losing ...
Its cold outside but I had some fun this morning...its not everyday the State of Florida sees snow.  I couldn't resist and had to make a little snow man but really its the ice man. Ice Ice baby....stay warm folks..and today it snowed in Daytona Beach, Florida!
Slowly I update my online presence, its painful but necessary with a brand new year ahead of us.  I didn't have to read a book to tell me to change the direction of my business..I just looked in my pocket book...and at the reflection of myself in the mirror.  I knew I had to make a t...
Last year Jeannette and I sent out hundreds of samples of our Prelisting Presentation that we created during the Makeover2takeover.  While we only sent a sample of the presentation, we are still recieving many requests.  2010 is going to be a fantastic year and I am truly excited.  There are many...