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So Tuesday I submitted a short sales contract...thrilled...excited...and preparing myself mentally for the snails pace movement that nornally occurs throughout the long process.  You should have seen the look on my face when the appraiser called and requested to get into the house! Appraisal orde...
The computer scientist and I were having a discussion about the consumer usage of web browsers and their preference.  As I was talking with him I realized I have moments of being tech centric.  You're probably wondering what I am talking about.  Are You Consumer Centric or Tech Centric? Which web...
Ever wonder why I don't respond to text's sometimes?  It might be I respect the road and my car!  Please do yourself and your fellow drivers a favor... Don't Text and Drive!DON'T !! Plain and simple, just don’t do it. In California it’s illegal and has been since January 1, 2009. Illegal, yet eve...
It's that time of year again where Daytona Beach, Florida residents have concerns about the weather.  While many think it is too hot..I'd rather be too hot than go through another hurricane unprepared!   In 2004 we all learned many valuable lessons and if you did not experience the devastation......
Ever look at your recent readers on mybloglog?  While most have their avatar up there are those that do not.  Maybe they think it's not important or just didn't get around to it. I have to ask...Who are you?  I don't know about you..but I sure enjoy seeing who stops by.  Mybloglog is no different...
UPDATE***UPDATE****UPDATE***The links are working...please click on the links! It's been a year since the Makeover2Takeover Contest here on ActiveRain.  One thing Jeannette Neerpat and myself offered was a copy of our Pre-listing template and the 180 tasks of REALTOR. Prelisting Template From The...
We seem to read many posts about how employers and corporations do not want their associates to freely post on the web but if done right...everyone benefits.  Have you ever thought about the fact that your web presence is a benefit to your company? Take CENTURY 21 Sundance Realty for example...Th...
You had a fantastic weekend...maybe you stayed up too late..or are still in summer vacation mode!  The alarm goes off..and you hit snooze once again...dreading getting out of your bed...and facing the day.  You got a case of the Mondays?  Too Bad, get ready for this! Monday's seem to be an active...
Do you know the importance of the first five sentences of a blog post?  If not, I'll share most instances whether it be the ActiveRain real estate network or Word press...the first five sentences are the description of the blog post or some would call an excerpt.. Take ActiveRain for insta...
If you are not utilizing Google maps you are really missing the boat.  Did you know by creating a Google map it can very well place you on the top of the search engines..the map that is! Put your business on Google maps!  You can have a few...I do It's very simple..if you have a Google account (w...

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