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October | Breast Cancer Awareness Month Please I encourage you to reblog this or even forward this post to your friends and loved ones. This disease touches so many and changes lives forever..we can do the same but in a positive way! Help Fight Breast Cancer...the reality is there is a good chanc...
If you have not grasped social media and online activities for business, now is a great time to implement it. As you can see by the video...the world is forever changing and so is the way we do business!  Did you know?   About the Author:  Midori Miller is licensed in the State of Florida, BK6457...
When tracking marketing it is extremely important to know where your leads are coming from.  I often wonder when someone calls to utilize your services do you remember to think about... Lead Generation | How did they find me? Often times when I pose this question to someone they are not sure...ei...
Somehow, someway I have lost all balance with my online marketing.  I'm here and there and spending many many hours online every single day. I know what goes on with many of my online friends and I keep up to date on all kinds of information and sometimes I get lost in my virtual world.  Is this ...
09/22/2009 this the end of FREE speech on the net?  Will this be U.S. law or will all countries be uniform?  This is what happens when we the to the government for every little issue! Ladies and Gentlemen?  Is this the end of Free speech on the Internet?  I believe this is just the begi...
Last night I had a very healthy debate on Facebook.  While my comment was meant to make the point that usually the bad guys gain more notoriety...more recognition than those that really deserve the true recognition it seems the news gravitates to those who do not deserve the notoriety.  That's ri...
The ActiveRain Real Estate network has become a very big part of my life!  For the past 3 years I have grown my own personal network, generated business and met some terrific people. ActiveRain impacted my life..and it started with a young woman who featured posts...who mothered many...I met her ...
There are a variety of types of Broker Price Opinions, I find it interesting that the process in which a bank requires, requests real estate agents to complete a BPO within 72 hours.  Their time line not ours..agents don't question it or give any excuses...they get it done.   Thank goodness for t...
I spend a lot of time on the phone with banks..I have heard horror story after horror story with Bank of America...all you have to do is Google it and you will see that in many cases Short sales and Loan Modifications are taking a very long time. I'm Really P@$%D!  You don't like what I have to s...

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