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Just Because its New Construction Doesn't Mean You Forgo the Home Inspection...How man times have we all heard it? The on site agent "Pooh Pooh's" the notion of getting a home inspection. Touting, "This property was inspected by 'the Codes' department and...". Balderdash!!! We all know or should ...
It's Your Blog, Write What You Want To... Blogs are unique and personal. Just as there are over 194,000 ActiveRain members at the time of this post, there are 194,000 ideas and opinions about something every given day. It's your blog, write what you want to... In an open society such as ours, sad...
Pumpkin Carving - TN Style... Here in TN, it's pumpkin carving time. We do things a little differently as compared to other parts of the country. Our weapons, ahem, tools of choice, vary slightly depending upon the skill and dexterity of the artist. Some prefer the chain saw. And why not? There i...
Monday Morning Motivator & Some Points to Ponder...I have always liked the competitive side of business. It is an essential ingredient which separates those who will and those who merely try. Having a strong competitive drive in today's economic climate is crucial. In order to stay ahead and surv...
(not so) Speechless Sundae... Time is not too much fun when you are constantly on the fly. A brief trip to the Smokies was just what the Doctor ordered. What's there not to like about a quickie every now and then. No phone, no distractions, no clients. Just time. Time to wander and get lost...
You've Got Mold...Anybody who has ever dealt with bank owned properties knows that they will be in varying states of disrepair. Oftentimes, this starts while the home is still occupied. Having given up hope, what was once their American Dream has now turned into their American Nightmare.Deteriora...
Step Up to Kuntry Living...It never ceases to amaze me how some folks find in-gene-yus ways to make do when it comes to  interior desecrating. This clever individual found a one-in-a-million way to keep those nasty dirty logs off the carpeting. Needless to say, this one certainly had me scratchin...
Friday's Photos...Tennessee has really been blessed with an abundance of natural beauty. Babbling brooks, the soothing sounds of rustling streams and verdant countrysides are plentiful in Tennessee's back yard. Is there better way to "chill" and get in your "right mind", than going to your favori...
iPhone Coming to Verizon...For years, many of us Verizon customers have been lusting over the iPhone, but alas, the infamous 3 letters have kept many of us from owning one. Well, it seems as if the cellular gods have heard our plight and have answered our prayers. ATT's contractual lock on the iP...
(not so) Speechless Wednesday ~ Autumn...Autumn. A time when trees magically transform into an array of colors. There is something about these fascinating changes that alter our sense of reality and leaves us spellbound. Like Alice, we get lost in a world of surreal sights and images that only th...

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