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Prolonging the Life of Your Car Battery...      As busy real estate professionals, the last thing we need is a dead car battery. Car batteries are the last thing one ever thinks about until you turn the key and nothing happens. As we all know, car batteries seem to go dead at the least opportune ...
Friday Fotos...        Dragonflies. That magical, mystical creature that bridges the gap between prehistoric times and today.         We see them darting to and fro over ponds and glens. Their dances on air are something to behold. Their aerial acrobatics put trapeze artists in the back seat. Eve...
Stop having a bass ackwards approach to sales...        There are a lot of ways to sell to a prospective client. Most agents sell to their clients in the order of price, deal and payment. When one dissects the sales process, and what makes top producing sales folks successful, it all boils down t...
  Inspecting New Construction in the Nashville, TN Market...      With the housing market recuperating from the slump, new homes sales are starting to increase. Many new home buyers forgo inspections on new homes because "they have been inspected by codes" and are in compliance. Yeah Right.      ...
Monday Morning Motivator & Some Points to Ponder...      Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.  ~Winston Churchill      Attitude becomes a mirror of who we are and what we are like. The way people treat us and what we perceive, are all a part our attitude.      It is our attitud...
High Water Pressure...        The Nashville real estate market, with its diverse blend of older and newer construction, can lend itself to some challenges to the home inspector. One of the items we check during is the water pressure. Older properties, that have the original plumbing system tend t...
Gawgis, Absoultely Gawgis...        With the memories of last weeks winter storms just a bad memory, today had middle Tennesseans basking in warm 60 degree temps and pulentee of sunshine. It was so nice, that I just had to get on the old grubs, cop a few rays, and take in some aroma therepy. Ther...
Friday's Fotos ~ Looking forward towards warmer weather...        Winter. Okay, enuf is enuf. Give me 2 days of flakes and cool temps and let's be done with it. Weeks upon weeks of drab, gray skies and frigid temps makes one think of the warmer/better days not too far ahead.      I am so-o-o-o lo...
Inspecting real estate in Nashville, TN ~ Garage door safety...     Garage doors are the largest moving object in your home. Child and pet safety are major areas of concern when purchasing or having your new home inspected. Municipalities and insurance companies now require photo eyes to be insta...
Ketchup...        Today is ketchup day. Why not? With everyone still seeing red from Valentines day sounds like it would be a logical progression in annual events. But then, what does logic have to do with the price of onions?      Today is a day dedicated to those who want need to ketchup on all...

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