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When in Doubt, Fake It... If you are like me, it's easy to get confused and the ability to distinguish one's right hand from the left can befuddle even the most intellectual of us at times. Sure, one can fall back on the simple solution; look to see which arm you are wearing your wrist watch. Tha...
Monday Morning Motivator & Some Points to Ponder... Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.      ~ Will Rogers   When you are on the right track, you know it. You are inspired, exhilarated and energized. And so it is with our businesses.      When we ask t...
(not so) Speechless Sundae…Alas, the hours are waning and this long holiday weekend is coming to a close. Travelers will be bidding adieu to family and friends before trekking home. Shoppers, weary from the "Shop till you drop" syndrome welcome the temporary respite while they leaf through and do...
Kinda Neat, but What Can You Do With It?Every now and then, I stumble across something on the web and think, "Kinda neat, but does it have any practical purpose?" And those were my sentiments when I stumbled upon Wordle. While word clouds are nothing new, and they add a certain dimension to prese...
Blog - Rediscover the Lost Art-form of Writing… Long before radio, computers, color TV, Al's invention of the internet, texting, emails and other electronic distractions; there was pen and paper. There was something about that ancient form of communication that enabled the writer to transform tho...
Black Friday...For many of us dolts who are either stupid, crazy, gluttons for punishment, or a combination of other choice phrases that insinuate a total lack of mental faculties; today is a day that bargain hunters rejoice in, and those that have 3 ounces of sanity avoid like the plague. Let's ...
Feeling A Little Stuffed?Thanksgiving dinner is now nothing more than a memory. Like most folks, my eyes were bigger than my stomach and naturally, I went back for seconds. Okay, I lied, thirds. Just couldn't help my self. The devil was forking me in the behind every time the plate was passed. Ne...
Happy Thanksgiving Anyway...Tis the season - again. Bloggers wanting to spread their Holiday cheer like little Johnny was sowing his apple seeds, zap down the blogroll paste in some generic "Happy Thanksgiving" message without even reading or giving a damn about the post you just spent time fever...
Simplifying Life...Over the years, I have managed to collect walls of stuff in the way of entertainment. Books, music, movies and picture albums line the walls of my office adding to the clutter and my weekly chore of dusting and sorting. Just like 8 track tapes went the way of the dinosaurs, so ...
The Table... Over the next few days, most folks will be in a frenzy preparing for the big meal on Thursday. We will be joining other shoppers, who like us, will be crowding the parking lots Wednesday evening picking up those last minute items overlooked on our shopping lists. We will be adding ex...

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