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Happy Halloween ~ ActiveRain Style...Halloween. A time when ghosts, goblins, witches and ghouls once again roam the nooks and crannies of the country; constantly on the prowl for sweet booty to take back to their lairs for their fiendish feasts. Looks as if these kiddo's are all dressed up and re...
Did I Do My Best...As I am on the verge of crossing the threshold and sojourn to the next plateau, I stop to reflect before going forward. Standing on the peak, I look back down the terrain I grappled through, sometimes with a multitude of mixed emotions.The question I most ask myself is: "Did I ...
I Need a Friend...I can go a lot of directions with this, I need some friends. Having had an ancient FaceBook account that I rarely used, I forgot my password. It was much easier to just start a new profile than go through the rigmarole of... well you know what. So here I sit writing and s...
Don't Get Caught Up in the Federal Pacific Debacle...If you're involved in real estate, you probably had some dealings with the "dreaded" Federal Pacific Electric panels. Lord only knows I have. Having gone to several classes to get my CEU's, invariably the topic is brought up. Home inspectors an...
Great Chili Cook-off...Tomorrow, the Franklin, TN Keller Williams office located at 9175 Carothers Parkway, will host their annual Chili Cook off between 11 AM - 2 PM. Proceeds go to help local charities and KW Cares.I will be entering two different "recipes". My first entry is my "False Alarm" f...
If It Doesn't Look Right, It Probably Isn't...Oye, Veh! Handymen! They do some stuff that makes you want to scratch your head with an orbital sander.Okay, so there are some folks that have a bad case of mental constipation. Like they can't have brains AND good looks, can they? Some must contempla...
Monday Morning Motivator & Some Points to Ponder...Time is the coin of your life.  It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent.  Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.       ~Carl Sandburg Time... who can really understand its mystery and design? ...
(not so) Speechless Sundae...How about let's skipping winter this year and zip right into spring. Face it folks, winter is cold, damp, gray and just flat out yucky. In fact, the season has been known to give some folks a bad case of the blahs.However, spring has been known to give some a case of ...
Fighting the Battle of the Bulge...Someone once told me when I was a young pup, "Son, There ain't no future in getting old." Huh? Unbeknownst to me at that time, this dude was not speaking with a forked tounge.Things I used to do even a few years ago are getting to be difficult if not darn near i...
Friday's Fotos ~ ♬ Mr. Moonlight ♪♪...Ah, here it is. Time for yet another full moon. And why not? What's there not to like about the cool glow that I provide? Folks have been singing and swooning under my watchful eye for centuries. Besides, I'm just not one of "THOSE" heavenly bodies, although ...

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