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Inspection Photo of the Day...     In older, more experienced properties, the HVAC system most likely has gone through many upgrades. In upgrades, where permits have not been pulled, contractors often take short cuts in order to save a few dollars.      While duct tape may work as a temporary sol...
Inspection Photo of the Day ~~ We'll Leave the Light on...      When I first saw this while inspecting a rehab in Nashville, TN not too long back, I was reminded of a line from a ad that ran for several years on TV and radio. There are a few very obvious issues that most novices can point out suc...
Please Help Bubba...     Bubba, my aspiring home inspector has misplaced something. Bubba was out carousing and doing some 16oz curls last night. When he came in this morning, he looked kinda puny and said he was feeling kinda foggy. Later on the job, he swears up and down that there was somethin...
(not so) Speechless Sunday...     I have met a lot of ladies in my life. Some, have been more memorable than others. However; there is one lady that I do not like to encounter no matter where I am. It seems as if this dark, dastardly darling shows up where you least expect. Needless to say, not b...
Inspection Photo of the Day...     Electric panels. In Davidson Country/Metro Nashville, rehabs that under go an electrical upgrade must conform to current standards. Such was the case in an inspection. A new box was installed but the installation was not up to current standards.      A novice mi...
Inspection Photo of the Day...     Decks can be great places to spend some quality time with the fam provided that they are well constructed and safe. Much to my chagrin, I find that home owner and unhandy-man construction practices often leave much to be desired. The chances folks take with thei...
(not so) Wordless Wednesday...     I don't know about y'all, but this week has been a blur. Between working in the business, on the business, and giving folks THE business, here it is Wednesday evening and I have only written 2 posts for the week!     With all the warm weather we have been having...
Monday Morning Motivator & Some Points to Ponder...     " Do what you can, for whom you can, with what you have, from where you are!"      ~~Unknown... Far too many times, we get hung up in trivia. Those useless annoyances that urgently beckon us to stop what we are doing. Start what you finish. ...
(not so) Speechless Sunday...     Ever since the first "Confounded Contraptions" were being invented, America has had a love affair with the automobile. But then, why not? The automobile gave folks speed, comfort, and status.       Yesterday, while driving down Franklin Rd in Brentwood, TN, I stu...
Friday's Fotos...     It's finally Friday!!! The last day of the week for the typical nine to fivers but not for us in the real estate business. Our week is just beginning.      Now I typically dedicate this day to post a "speechless" or "wordless" type post, however; this week I have been having...

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