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Digging up the past...     In domestic disputes, it is not unusual for one party, who has a memory longer than an elephant, to start digging up the past. 10 years ago at 0822, you... Stuff like this is counter productive and accomplishes nothing.      Sometimes it is okay to dig up the past. Whil...
Monday Morning Motivator and Some Points to Ponder...     Success comes in cans, failure in can'ts.            ~Anonymous       For many of us, "I can't" is too prevalent in our vocabulary. I can't do this; I can't do that; I can't; I can't; I can't...       When life's journey gets difficult, it...
(not so) Speechless Sunday...     Fruit trees pregnant with blooms, blue skies and plenty of warm sunshine, greeted the residents of Brentwood, TN after what seems to have been a never ending winter.       The warm rays were just what the doctor ordered as many folks in the area were either enjoy...
Brentwood, TN ~ River Park...     Brentwood, TN is a city rich in culture and has one of the best park systems in all of Williamson County TN. Brentwood, TN has dedicated approximately 550 acres for public use in its parks and greenway systems.       The first park in this system was River Park l...
Friday's Fotos - Don' Let Your Participle Dangle......      Dangling participles! Dang how I hated to have the school m'arm ding me on that. Essay after essay, term paper after term paper, DING! DING! DING! If I was told once, I was told a thousand times, "Michael! Don't let your participles dang...
Brentwood, TN...      About 40 years or so ago, Brentwood, TN was just a sleepy community just off I-65 in Northern Williamson County. Old Hickory Boulevard, the dividing line between Nashville Metro, and Brentwood, was a 2 lane road, Brentwood Place and the H. G. Hills shopping center were the p...
(not so) Wordless Wednesday...     Common sense. Is it that bowl of pennies that sets next to the cash register in the jiffy mart? (give a penny - take a penny) Is it that intellectual prowess that God gave a common goose? Is it something that some folks were born with and some without?        On...
Feeling Lucky?     As consumers, we trust that items placed in our homes will function properly. We trust that trades men are competent and will install items according to accepted trade practices. Don't push your luck! This is not always the case.       One of the most common items we have in ou...
     Nothing is more fun and exciting than meeting another ActiveRainer in person. Although not a stranger, as one gets to know the other while reading their posts, but seeing them live and in-person is another story. Such was the case when I got an opportunity to meet Roland Woodworth last night...
     Just because you can purchase something in a hardware store does not mean that it complies with code.          Many well intending home owners, weekend end warriors, and rehabbers, run into challenges. The solution? The Handy Dandy home improvement store! Where else?      Home improvement st...

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