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Today was a memorable day, one that  I will talk about months to come, heck in reality probably throughout my life-time.  Yes some friends come and go but today I met one I hope to be blogging friends forever!  Sound silly, maybe but really isn't that what we strive for?  "Friends become referral...
Need a break? Power down tonight for Earth Hour, March 29th from 8p.m. to 9 p.m. With all the excitement of meeting Ann Cummings tomorrow I almost forgot. We opted to stay home and participate and will drive to Orlando tomorrow! I need a break, do you? If so take a break and power down and partic...
To me Lenn Harley is a must read on the rain.  I love the fact she is hard core real estate.  Now when you talk to her on the phone..she will in fact tell you she writes hard core real estate and and she is hard core real estate.  Imagine the delight when she agreed to do the Blogger's Choice Sel...
Life seems to roll by faster...faster than ever before, heck microwaves and computers sometimes are not fast enough.  Because our lives move so rapidly we sometime make quick decisions and in the long run end up costing us our time, energy and money.  It's those occasions where you wish that you ...
  I remember meeting a bunch of rainers...I was actually nervous...hey alot of talent in one room...sometimes on the phone I feel the same way. This year I have the privilege of co-moderating the Blogger's Choice Selection Group..sometimes it causes me to make a phone call and sometimes when I d...
I have been getting a lot of inquiries for various training.  It's my passion...I love what I do and feel very fortunate to do it.  Recently I gotten a few e-mails about WEB 2.0 although I am not an expert...I have come to realize.Social Networking is very similar to the game monopoly...the diffe...
Tune in as presents Real Estate Professionals from across the nation discussing their current market conditions. You can listen and view it live on their website feel free to call in. Check out who will be on the show...Your hosts....Frank Garay and Brian StevensAndrew Mooer...
Everyday I can count on at least 3 solicitations via my cell phone.  Now I haven't said too much about it and have always been very polite.  I go as far as finishing the conversation and asking please e-mail me the info and don't bother the rest of the associates.  Today, I am working through two...
A little dose of inspiration is sometimes in order.  Today I had an incredible day.  Very busy and very productive.  Funny thing I didn't feel that way just a few days ago. Now the agents in my office are working hard, harder than ever before but I see the discouragement, the disappointment and t...
Recently I have been trying to improve our web placement. Sometimes during my causes me to send an e-mail out to the company. One of the things I have learned through time is that just have to put your foot down...sometimes it has to be in your face to cause some ch...

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