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I am star struck by the net, that's right..who would have thought in my lifetime I would be connecting with people without leaving my chair..without spending millions.  This amazes me and I never take it for granted. Often times we expect the net to work for us by placing posts or just having a w...
THE SHOW WENT GREAT AND LUCKY ME... WE ARE DOING IT AGAIN LIVE, TOMORROW, 3 PM EASTERN TIME.  CLICK ON THE LOGO TO LISTEN AND WE WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO CALL IN! 1-888-522-1924 ****************************************************************************************** Tune in tonight!  6 pm eastern ...
When I was a little girl...I learned early on...ask and you shall receive.. sometimes I had to ask a couple of times using different methods..I know you understand what I am talking about..after all each and every one of us were kids once and even as adults we use this method...its pretty simple....
This is serious stuff...and I am still in jail..please help bail me out!  I've been calling Rainers today and have loved talking with every one one them......thank you for your generosity...Every dollar counts... Whether it is a dollar or a 1,000.. help fund research or send a child to camp...we ...
Call me an SEO tramp...or maybe smart!  Re-blog I love it for many reasons. I see opportunity with reblogging and lots of it.  Is reblogging a word? well not according to spell check! :) You want to re-blog one of my posts..Thanks and go for it.  At first I didn't understand the whole thing but t...
This morning "The listing machine" had a story he wanted me to blog about.  It's a true story and can happen to anyone.  Recently he has been working with one of his customers to purchase some vacant land.  Now his customer has a house to sell it was placed on craigslist.  He placed it there..and...
I have to admit I have a thing for the problogger if you spent some time on his site you probably would understand and agree.  Now before you hit the next button it might be a good idea to read a few lines before you decide to do so you might miss out on some vital information..information from t...
There is one week left until I am carted off to jail..I just wanted to thank you to those who have donated so far. If you would like to contribute please do. I'm not looking for large donations but many small ones. Thanks to those that have donated..when all is said and done..I'll give some real ...
I love listings!  Nothing can really change my mind.  Through the years my questions have evolved.  One thing is certain I have to know my product, I have to believe in my product and just like the consumer I need to see value to bring value to the table.  So when you take a look at the value som...
I get inquiries frequently, as a matter of fact, I get requests, requests to write on different topics..for me its my favorite way to write.  I feel like I am writing for many..many who want to know and are afraid to ask.  Some who are intimated and some so new.  I talk with Rainers alot..yes I p...

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