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    Today I had to get on the rain.  I got permission..special permission for a very special person on the rain.  See I waited until 9 pm and checked to see if someone knew a little secret..I could not let this day go by without him knowing just how much he means to so many. Thanks Plaxo for the ...
  Recently I have had to step into another transaction.  Not an easy going on for sometime.  Short sales, why does it take so darn long?  I'll tell you why, its just my opinion and pertains to many banks! Banks need to take this situation a bit more serious from the Executives all the w...
It's time...2 years...being on the rain faithfully everyday..sometimes all day...just about any day you will find me on the rain. Will it be easy?  Nope..I'll miss my friends...the interactions..and most of all writing on the rain. I love Activerain but I am consumed..consumed with unfinished pro...
 Midori Miller AKA Daytona Real Estate Trainer  Description:  Usually Wears a Smile CAUTION:  Heavily Armed With Kindness...This Could Be Contagious! PRIOR CONVICTION:  Thoughtfulness and Generosity Please Help Me!!!  I have been arrested and will be put in jail for the Muscular Dystrophy Associa...
Some buyer's choose to lock in their rates ASAP while others take a gamble and wait.  Since turn around time for 3rd party approval is taking longer than ever.    If you talk to a short sale specialist..they will tell you..right now they are overworked and really backed up..backed up weeks and so...
There always seems to be a great debate on buyer broker agreements. Do you provide a buyer's consultation?  If not you should!  Why would you make the assumption that a buyer knows every step of the process.  Even if they say they do...often times they do not!  Funny thing, we never do this to a ...
A few days ago an agent who I know very well called on one of our shortsales.  Its seems because of who they are..they felt I was wrong in the time frame of acceptance by the bank even though this information was available to the agent via the agent remarks but because of who they thought they ar...
  Meet  Member Jeremy Blanton, newbie blogger with a strong voice.  Since joining in March he has a strong readership and his posts are entertaining and very helpful.  I love seeing these rising stars take to keyboard and watch them grow their businesses. One thing about Jeremy he is extremely h...
Did you know that there are well over 180 tasks that needs to be completed for a successful real estate sale?  How valuable is your time?  Your energy? and most of all your personal life? It's never about me but all about you...getting you to your destination. If you are interested in buying or s...
Blog fog happens at the worst time...   The words do not come naturally...thoughts are jumbled...its stressful and it seems the best solution for me is a break.  An Activerain break!  But Noooooooooooooo....I can't and won't ...Jeannette depends on me..and in this particular challenge I'll be dep...

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