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I have to admit I've been feeling the weight on my shoulders lately.  Recently I have had to rethink many things in my life.  I've had to make some tough decisions..good sound decisions not only for myself but for many.  On most days, I am busy typing away and blabbing like there is no tomorrow.....
Going to the FAR convention? I'll be there Today, Thursday..  Friday afternoon off to South Florida for a little R & R. I won't be blogging but I might see you on twitter!   C U Soon! Have a wonderful weekend! Midori Miller is a licensed real estate associate with CENTURY 21 Sundance Realty, Real...
"Please list my property...I'm behind on my payments and I am not sure what to do!" As I asked my series of questions, I got the feeling...I won't be listing this property..not because I can't.... simply because I won't due to disservice..due to discrepancies....and due to untruths. Now the parti...
Recently I have stepped into a short sale to get it to a matter of fact finally we were able to place the property in pending status..because we received our approval letter.  HOORAY! Now keep in mind the seller has NO money..otherwise they would probably not be in the position they a...
John Novak, Mike Mueller and Darren Rowse..THANK YOU! If you read my blogs you may know that I am a huge Darren Rowse Fan and have a mad mad talent crush on him.  If you have not read should...and you will find that maybe you are stary eyed too!  If you have never heard of the Problogge...
How many times have you heard an agent rudely say?...I've been in this business for xx amount of years...or Why isn't your short sale pending or attempt to correct you and end up making a fool of themselves because they do not know what they are talking about?...imagine that..and there is that sl...
Kevin Fishback, Your Host and Midori Miller Co-Hosts "The Red Pill"...WPUL..Daytona Beach Florida Topic: "What You Wish You Would Have Known As Your Younger Self!" Midori talks Business, Relationships, Marriage and School!   Midori Miller is a licensed real estate associate with CENTUR...
Recently I have had much interest in the Presidential Election.  More so this year than any other me this year...our votes really count.  I have actually heard of people not planning on voting..due to the choices of our candidates and that disturbs me.  You think your vote does not...
Ahh Cocoa Puffs!  Remember that crazy bird!  He was a part of my children's lives while they were growing up and evidently the crazy bird impacted me and still affects me today. Yesterday  while sitting with a new associate we had many normally doesn't happen but yesterday it di...
I've been reading a lot of junk recently...yes in my not so humble opinion it's junk and in the grand scheme of things really so much of it is so unimportant!  Yes I know it's important to get our messages across..its important to make our own marks on the net and we try very hard to get our shar...

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