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Its a funny thing when talking to people...when they ask your opinion or want some serious training..sometimes when I speak..they don't exactly like what I have to say....but the truth is as human beings we tend to point out our fine qualities within ourselves in conversations. We tend to tell  t...
I get Problogger in my email everyday!  It seems when I am trying to improve on certain skills in blogging..the articles on his blog somehow points to me.  Remember the song, "You're So Vain"?????  Problogger-Are you talking to me? Well yes, his posts are written for me and for you and anyone els...
My mission is to grow my sphere of improve SEO...and provide quality content and rather than mass produce....I've been supplementing with reading... slowly I am catching up on some reading...reading sources that are easy to understand...reading sources that have been available to m...
I have many conversations with REALTORS every single a matter of fact..I tend to speak to more agents nationwide in a day...than those in my own office.  Strange right?  No not really. A funny thing happens in Daytona Beach and I know it happens nationwide..where some agents end their 200...
Giving Thanks... There is something to be said when I can go to my home and feel safe..very safe..or I can drive a car..and work where I want...I can openly express my views..I can make as little money or as much money as I want...and I don't have to worry about being imprisoned for saying the wr...
As a young girl I loved a matter of fact..I wore a Phillies baseball cap and watched the game with my biological father..When Ritchie Allen was up to bat.. I would jump up and cross my fingers, stand by the t.v. and repeat over and over again..."Ritchie Allen hit a home run!"  Someti...
500 Posts-What does that mean?  I'm Celebrating my blogs birthday!  As of 11/24/2008 9:13:22 PM I realized..I have written 500 posts..and its translated to: Me being 2 years old or 29 months old or 130 weeks old..not broken down enough for about 905 days of blogging or 21,741 hours of t...
No case of the Monday's here! Another Day in Real Estate?  Just how are you going to face the day?  Maybe some negative blog posts or possibly some of that awesome media reported?  How about a a change of pace... Think about this! "As A Man Thinketh He Becomes!" Have a wonderful selling week! To ...
Dr. Pepper and Axel Rose had a bet...that Guns N' Roses would not release their latest album in 2008.  So what right?  Well not if you like Dr. Pepper and not if you like Axel Rose! A new Guns N'Roses Album has been released!  That means FREE Dr. Pepper! We never thought this day would come," Ton...
142 Profiles? Do you want to know who the top 25 featured agents were back then? How about Top Agents in Florida? My how the network has grown and changed!  More than I could have ever imagined and to think back then groups were BETA! :) Midori Miller is a licensed real estate associate with CEN...

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