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 Tomorrow my family and I will be piling in the car to attend the CENTURY 21 International Convention in Kissimmee, Florida at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center.  While I am getting pumped up, the fella's will be our carousing the town.  I bet they will be looking for Dragonball Z pa...
For the past few months my brother, the computer scientist and myself get together on weekends and work on all of our blogging projects.  One of the biggest questions recently has been should we google ad-sense or not?...I wonder if people actually recieved a check from google.  Is it hype or is ...
So who is the Antman?...can't say for sure who he is. Watch this interview and check out this brilliant marketing. Yes I have a thing for the Antman and all the community members of call this an official shoutout to all my friends on Cre8buzz...and look for my interview with the Cre...
Recently my son's have had a few things to deal with...unique and life altering.  My youngest son Bob 22 , lost a childhood friend...recently shot and killed by police.  This post is not about the police or even the chain of events that occurred but that fact that sometimes you just have to let f...
Recently someone sent me a referral from the rain.  I was flattered and honored!  When I received the customer phone number...just please wait until you get my referral form.   I have no problem with want to get wanted to ensure I was a person of my wor...
Friday I had an interesting conversation with one of our listing machines...a blogpost provoking conversation, one that would make me question some REALTOR'S ethics...not the listing machine personally but those who sometimes go after of them being the listing machine's expired l...
I am so excited as Ian Kennedy was so kind to interview with me. Just as the title says...check out the about me widget on my sidebar and look at the last social network on the got it...Activerain! Are you the Tom (friend on everyone's MySpace) on mybloglog, what exactly is your job ti...
You may have heard through the "EXPERTS" to wait this market out...that's right these supposed EXPERTS seem to come from all walks of life...often times without a real estate license.  News Media, Publications and Financial EXPERTS maybe even a friend who recently purchased real estate. In Dayton...
"Coma State"....ever heard of it?...that's right if we do not do something to help preserve our resources...that is exactly what could happen to the human race. While some question global warming...the signs are there... Temperatures are adjusting...polar caps melting. climate changes...that coul...
 Funny thing about blogging, sometimes out of the blue you receive a comment that requires action...That's right consumer's asking general questions and giving a scenario without letting you know if they are in your state.  Be careful as we know that the laws vary from state to state.  Here is a...

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