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Tomorrow will officially be the start of the second half of the year!  It's an important time to go back and re-evalute your goals, your listings and your potential.  If your career needs a's important to re-evalute what you are doing wrong and what you can improve on. Don't focus on wh...
I can't say that I am ok, I just have to write from the heart today to get a little focused.  No I am not crazy or physically sick, I just have a few cracks in my heart that I never expected!    For some social networking maybe be nothing more than a marketing tool and hey no judgement here use i...
Have you ever had any woulda..coulda..shoulda moments?  Like buying a house when there were so many types of loans available?  Or investing when the market had just started cooking to turn around a flip it for very large profit!  Maybe buy vacant land back then to turn around and sell it to deve...
It's Friday and I am so happy, I sing my It's Friday song and did my happy dance but I worry.  The Challenge this week in the Makeover2Takeover contest is to post to localism and revamp our profiles. Are we finished...NO! This week has gone by very quickly and as usual life happens.  I did not re...
I am not a big fan of FACEBOOK BUT I will say there is business to be had and new friends to make.  As a matter of fact, there is lots and lots of information available.   Last night a former associate asked me for a referral in Miami who handles rentals.  My apprentice is on vacation and they ar...
When I say South Florida Hotties, I really mean it.  Not just looks but personality and they all love real estate.  You can see and hear and feel the fire..the fire for success.  These ladies are hot.... SMOKING HOT!  Tiffany Young, Gia Martinez, Midori Miller, Karen Monsour and Vicki Arcuri at J...
Day 2-I have to say goodbye to my parents, I watched the van and two U-hauls pull out of the driveway. It's my reality check that life is changing once again. A change I really wasn't ready for. I looked at Jason with the now what look..we just resumed...complaining...whining and packing. The hou...
Did they close??????  Big Question....and they did not! Is there stress and tension in the air?  Yes there is.  What are you doing on a Saturday Night in South Florida?.  I'm packing my parents house in hopes that they close. Am I stressed?  YES>>> YES>>>YES>>it's tough being a REALTOR daughter! ...
Being part of the tech committee at the Daytona Area Association of REALTORS we try to come up with some innovative ways for real estate professionals to do business. Yesterday I paid $4.01 a gallon for gas and I can see in our area prices are on the rise rapidly.  So a question was posed to all ...
  There are a couple of us who are planning to get together.  I really believe this trip I will be able to sit down and enjoy lunch with some of the South Florida Activerainer's.  Would love to meet some of you and see other's once again...Neal Bloom and Matt Blum! Jeannette Neerpat, Vicki Arcur...

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