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Tips and commentary For Home Buyers & Sellers and REALTORS with primary focus on LIVE - Work - Play - Life Rhythm - Life Performance Oriented thinking for regular folks



Just in case . . . Tornadoes are forecast by the meteorologists The Zombie apocalypse emerges The power grid (the whole darn thing) goes down Bad guys break into your house There’s a fugitive loose in your neighborhood You’re completely overwhelmed by the myriad challenges you are facing in your ...
“Time is either something you use as a tool or something that works against you.” Seth Godin “Do you know what surprises those most who finally take that great magic carpet ride over their most recent time-space incarnation?  Besides how safe they always were… No, besides how many friends in the ...
Seth Godin prescribes “Sprinting with intent, in a particular direction…” as being “a useful way to learn that we can make an even bigger difference.” Below is the full post: Sprints How fast can you go? This is different from the question we ask ourselves most days at work. Careers are often see...
So often, we slide along with a free-wheeling approach to life. Yep! Going through the motions day in and day out . . . Life is easier this way because we get to avoid the tension/stress that shows up when we’re living intentionally. The difference between living intentionally and not boils down ...
You probably already have a cult following that you haven’t yet claimed and cultivated. This is a ravenous group of people just clamoring for more of what you have to offer. Yep! You’re already famous! “A cult following is a group of fans who are highly dedicated to a work of culture. A film, boo...
Like it or not, you’re a mouse in a maze. The good news is that your speed and efficiency improves over time just as this little guy completes the maze faster with each run The only real problem is that with every iteration, you build “memory” (both mental and physical) which is fine and dandy un...
When the going is tough, the tough get going. Those who wait until the weather gets rough before getting going have a high probability of becoming victims. It’s what we do with our “down time” and our “smooth flow” that separates the “Tough who prevail” and the “victims who need saviors”. When ti...

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Stream of consciousness commentary on the real estate industry from the perspective of a Principal Real Estate Broker and Founder of Pareto REalty, LLC in Middlle Tennessee - Also a Career Development Coach with vast Organizational Development/Transformation training and experience - in the industry since 1993