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Tips and commentary For Home Buyers & Sellers and REALTORS with primary focus on LIVE - Work - Play - Life Rhythm - Life Performance Oriented thinking for regular folks



Why wait? JANUARY 31, 2012 BY BARRY OWEN LEAVE A COMMENT (EDIT) I wonder how many houses are “available” . . . but not on the market. WHY would a house be “available” . . . but not on the market? What’s the point? Is it some kind of fancy-schmancie voodoo reverse psychological mystique? Playing h...
To Stage or not to Stage . . .   I think there are a lot of myths about Home Staging. The most dangerous one (IMHO) is: “every REALTOR can stage a house” . . . If that were true, every listing out there would be perfectly staged. Another myth might be: “It’s not worth the price!” Another might be...
Good Morning! Everything is moving – Transforming – Morphing . . . ALWAYS. Just about the time we think we’ve “GOT IT” and can relax . . . The dust settles, and we “hit a stride” . . . Find a great routine that brings nice results and fulfillment . . . then . . . SOMETHING CHANGES and upsets our ...
  First . . . My disclaimer . . . I am a Real Estate Principal Broker of a firm I solely own (Pareto Realty). If you’re a REALTOR and you are not affiliated with Pareto Realty or Pareto Reserve, I am not YOUR Broker so if you want clarification on any of the below, be sure to consult with YOUR Pr...
  Does this mean I’m a “Droid-Head”? I can’t get away with teasing all of the Smartphone users in the world any more. I held out for as long as I could, but my trusty Motorola workhorse phone with slide out qwerty keyboard was starting to fail . . . getting clumsy with internet . . . battery life...
  We’re in a market in which pricing a house RIGHT can be very enigmatic. NAILING a price happens by gut instinct more often than we care to admit. The more anal retentive amongst us are hell bent on finding sufficient “Comparable Sales,” hyper analyzing current inventory and market conditions, a...
  Good morning! How’s your personal Faith in yourself? . . . In other people around you? . . . In leaders of your organization? . . . In Leaders in your community, City, State, Nation? Is there a difference in “Faith” and “Blind Faith?” Faith: allegiance to duty or a person, loyalty : fidelity to...
  There’s a HUGE difference between “Listing a House” and “SELLING a House,” and clearly some REALTORS are better than most others on that “SELLING” part. The listing part is fun, but doesn’t do a lot of good for anyone involved if it doesn’t SELL . . . SO . . . We’re having a session here in Nas...
Are you ready to be part of the SOLUTION? There aren’t many folks out there would would disagree that getting the Real Estate markets MOVING is an instrumental piece of National Economic buoyancy as well being a HUGE fire starter of job growth . . . More employed people yields more overall prospe...
  The Nashville Boat Show is always a great place to wander around and dream . . . I’ve always wanted to own a boat and LOVE looking at them and imagining the possibilities. We packed up the kids and headed there yesterday. While there, we were tempted MANY times to ACT on our IMPULSIVE desires. ...

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Stream of consciousness commentary on the real estate industry from the perspective of a Principal Real Estate Broker and Founder of Pareto REalty, LLC in Middlle Tennessee - Also a Career Development Coach with vast Organizational Development/Transformation training and experience - in the industry since 1993