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The title to this post is from page 36 of Alan Greenspan's book . . . It's in the final pages of his first chapter, and I was reading along somewhat "mind-numbed" by several pages of "economist-speak" looking for tid-bits of wisdom that might apply to my current way of thinking . . . and relevanc...
A few months ago, Gary Keller released a video of himself and Dave Jenks discussing "shifted markets" in an on-line series they entitled "Get Amped with Gary Keller." I have watched this video many times and have used it every chance I've had to add meat to training sessions. Gary & Dave cover a ...
Yesterday morning, Betty Sue died. She was diagnosed with Lymphoma (Cancer) 8 months ago, and chemotherapy had no effect. Even though the doctors forecast a grim future for her, she was determined to spend Christmas with her family. She lived a full 2 months longer than expected and died a very p...
Once in a while, you might considering terminating your own employment. If you're a REALTOR (which is probably true for most people reading this), the only person who can really fire you is yourself. If you are reading this and you have a "Real Job," this can serve YOU well also.Every now and aga...
If you really need to make money fast in the business in real estate sales, there's only one way I am CERTAIN will deliver the goods . . . What you've got to do is prospect like crazy until you are just on the edge of insanity because of the lack of sales . . . You must be just shy of homicidal b...
Does ANYONE REALLY KNOW?I saw an entertaining article published this morning by the Associated Press - Written by Leslie Wines. A link to this article is below. Her thoughts added some clarity for me that was not there before. I have been reserving comment about this stuff . . . until now . . . I...
Maybe it's my imagination . . . Seems to me that the energy around here has been lower the past couple of weeks than before the holidays. Fewer hits and fewer comments. Either everyone is out there gearing themselves up for some magnanimous business in 2008 . . . Or they are in deep, slumbering h...
When 2 people marry, it's a joyous happening. There is much excitement and energy throughout all of the events leading up to the final big bang - The Wedding ceremony itself. Most weddings I have attended have included somewhere in the liturgy the words "Til death do we part." These 5 words tend ...
Yesterday, my other blog-site @ had a veritable EXPLOSION of activity. I had posted there yesterday morning and had left the "Hit Counter" window open . . . Mid afternoon, there were over 250 visits for the day . . . normal traffic on that site is @ 7-10 visits dai...
As we wander along through life in our various professions, we often find ourselves dealing with "issues and opportunities" in our environment that are beyond our control. We are in a continually transforming world, and we simply cannot operate as if we are in a hermetically sealed container . . ...

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Stream of consciousness commentary on the real estate industry from the perspective of a Principal Real Estate Broker and Founder of Pareto REalty, LLC in Middlle Tennessee - Also a Career Development Coach with vast Organizational Development/Transformation training and experience - in the industry since 1993