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I'm excited to announce that I am taking on a new role and change in the Real Estate Industry!   Over the past few years in my role as Community Manager for ActiveRain, I've learned so much and grown in so many ways.  During this time my role has included helping many thousands of people and that...
There's a Rainbow Bridge Ahead for Mans Best Friend Today we are visiting our good friends up in South Lake Tahoe, Richard Bolen and Max.  What wonderful friends these folks are, we are very blessed to have them in our lives.  When we arrived here last night, they let us know that their baby "Spa...
Real Estate Market Domination?  Now that's a title that should peak the interests of ANYONE in Real Estate!! This is going to be the Real Estate Industry's "BEST EVENT" for 2010!  It's going to be really hard for me to make this NOT sound like a sales pitch, but I'm just really excited to be part...
How Cool is your Facebook Page?  Do you have a Facebook page or just a Facebook profile? There are so many people that ask me how to create a Cool Facebook page?  They want to incorporate some or all of their AR stuff, or show off a brand and flaunt their wares.  It use to be so much more challe...
AT&T Uses Facebook to Try and Connect with Wireless Customers Did you know that AT&T covers 97% of all Americans?  They claim to have the nations fastest mobile broadband network that allows you to talk and browse the web at the same time.  They also claim to have seamless access to over 20,000 W...
Recently, I shared a "Virtual" Office concept using a new technology for Internet users around the globe.  This would also apply to those of you who have teams scattered all over town, all over the county, and possibly all over the Country.  Imagine having a virtual meeting/office space where you...
This Moment - A new Social Media Way To Record and Share the past, the now, and the future! What are you doing right at this very moment?  Well you're reading this post obviously, but wouldn't it be cool if there were a site that could combine all your "moments" and social media and real life adv...
ActiveRain Members and RainMakers - Do You Need Help? I'm looking for AR members who feel they need some training and coaching.  There are many great trainers and classes/coaching offered out there, but they might NOT be what you're looking for and what you REALLY NEED. Are You Serious? Are you R...

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