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Call Phones from Gmail - Now We're Talking! This is great news folks. The "Inside of the Internet World" just keeps on pushing and reaching out to connect with the "Outside World" and today, there's a new break-through demonstrating this very point.  Call phones from Gmail, I'm doing it right now...
Twitter has a new feature called "Fast Follow" which allows you to follow people on Twitter via SMS (short Message Service) and you don't even need to have a Twitter account to do this. I know that many Real Estate Industry professionals are still trying to get their arms around the concept of h...
Marketing and Advertising On ActiveRain - How To Create and Setup Ads Your ActiveRain BLOG is not necessarily the best place to be marketing and advertising your goods or services to other ActiveRain members.  Promoting and marketing yourself is great but is there a more effective and efficient w...
Even "CRAZIER" was standing out there shooting this!  :-O
Facebook Friends and Fans Like Great Content not......Massacring. So what's the point of a cause if there is no affect? Does your Business really need a Fan Page and fans? Is it critical to your financial survival that you are "Liked" on Facebook? YES! But how much of the business information tha...
The ActiveRain Featured Blog Post - I get asked everyday about the ActiveRain Featured Blog post.  The wide variety of questions range from "Who Is Featuring The Posts" to "Why Are The Same Members Featured over and over again?"  Well, it's taken me 2 1/2 years working here to finally write a pos...
It's Never Too Late to Turn Things Around - Always Give Your Best! Today I received a support ticket from a Non-Member of Activerain.  This person was signed in as a guest and took the time to submit the following ticket to our support center.  Now I have to admit, I have seen some real doozies c...
Google TV - Television On Steroids - Will it still be called television in the years ahead? Recently, I posted the "Top 50 Google Tools for your Business" thinking there's not much more these folks at Google can do to top their latest releases of really cool products and services on the web.  Now...

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