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ActiveRain ActiveBlogs Will they compete?  Will they compare?  What is the difference between a WordPress Blog by Yahoo, a Blogspot or Blogger Blog by Google, and an ActiveRain Outside Blog?  Is there an advantage to either one? Which is the best for me?  Why would I even care?  A Blog is a Blog ...
If you're in a hurry, just read the bold text, if you got a second, read this entire post. No I don't have a lisp and I can spell! It IS a misunderstanding.  These two Internet Browsers are some of the most popular, most used Internet Super-Highway viewers in the world.  I'm not sure the exact nu...
It's true.  If you own an iPhone, you can now interact with the ActiveRain Real Estate Network of friends and business partners from anywhere your iPhone browser works.  This is not an iPhone application, it's a browser enhancement from our AR developers. (great job guys) At 2:00am, we deployed a...
Here's 5 Really Important Tips for Outside Blogs Now that many members have had the chance to setup their own Individual and Outside Group Blogs, and we've had the chance to work out the kinks, I've noticed some common issues that keep popping up as we're setting these up.  I wanted to share them...
The ActiveRain Guide is "FINALLY" available but will probably never be completed. (LOL)  It's taken nearly two years for this project to get to this point... let me explain. When I joined ActiveRain back in February of 2007, there were no manuals, very few tutorials, only about 20,000 members, an...
How To Create A New ActiveRain Outside Blog for an Individual, Group, or Team. I'll demonstrate how to set one up from scratch.  Following these steps correctly should have you setup in about 15 minutes including invitations out to your desired contributors. 1) Make sure you are Logged into Activ...
The Official ActiveRain Team Blog"Your Personal Real Estate Think Tank Team, bringing you the best of the "Rain" Real Estate Network!" Jon Washburn, Jeff Corbett, Bob Stewart, Jorgen Hahn, Rich Jacobson, Brad Andersohn, and Claire Cruver, the ActiveRain Team and staff, have created a new ActiveRa...
"Technology will NEVER replace real estate professionals, but real estate professionals WITH technology will."  I've heard and read this line so many times, but is it true?  Technology and the Real Estate Industry have become so inter-connected and dependent upon each other lately.  Just look whe...
Today, ActiveRain Launched ActiveBlogs for our members.  I have been hinting that this was coming the past couple weeks and now it's finally live!  Jeff Corbett just sent out the global press release which you can read here: ActiveRain Launches ActiveBlogs, a Multi-Author Blogging Platform for Re...
I'm out the door for Inman Connect and RE BarCamp in NYC.  You can follow me and everyone else on Twitter and Flickr if you're not able to make the trip this year.  This will be a "Post As I Go" so check in often.  There's a feedfuze here to make it easy for you to see what's going on live in the...

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