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ActiveRain Has Comment Linking? (This post is a bit long but I think it's worth the read...especially if you plant comments in the rain) Today I saw a few comments on ActiveRain that simply shocked me.  They honestly left me in awe.  Comments on an ActiveRain post written way back in 2008.  Over ...
Nobody cares about your local Real estate market like you do! Lets also not forget about the others who own, rent, buy, sell, borrow, work, play, eat, sleep, and are considering living there too?  When a home becomes available for sale on your street in YourCity, YS. aren't you often more interes...
On my last visit to Seattle, WA, I had to attend a few meetings at the Zillow Corporate headquarters, so I decided to walk through the office with my iPhone and take some shots to share with my friends in the blogosphere.  It's really quite fascinating to walk around inside the main office locate...
Your Reviews Are Now Front 'n Center on Zillow It was announced last week to the general public that "Zillow surfaces thousands of Real Estate agent ratings and reviews.  Consumers can now search and find local agents based on Client feedback"  The responses and results from adding this new featu...
Many of you might recall our very first ActiveRain RainCamp in San Francisco, CA. where the Andersohn's were asked to debut the "Armored Flight" family band. This was our first public appearance ever.  We chose to open with a song specifically for Bob Stewart (one of his favorites) called Eye Of...
Ever feel like a fish in the water that just got hooked?  If you're biting, read on.... Face it, if you're on Facebook, you're getting email notifications constantly by those leaving comments or tagging you in videos and photos etc.  If you "" a comment by another member or friend on Facebook, yo...
Some time ago, I shared a post showing some of the alternative sites that allow you to install their widgets or codes to get access to a variety of stats and an analysis of your Blogs here on ActiveRain.  Since Google Analytics was not an option back then, I did find a few others that worked fair...
Do you use Posterous?  Are you uploading photos to your Posterous site from your mobile device? Did you know you can post to Posterous using the email feature?  I started using Posterous when I discovered how easy it is to take a picture with an iPhone (or other mobile device) and upload it to my...
I'm reporting this "LIVE" from our office in Seattle, WA today where it's a GREAT day, the skies are crystal clear, the air is brisk and fresh, and the following updates and news is just too "HOT" not to share. Here's the latest update and report for those of you who have been asking me "How's th...
How Big is Twitter? This is without a doubt the largest "Twitter related" graphic I have ever embedded into an ActiveRain blog post. If you printed twitter today, here's some great comparisons of what that might look like with a really good printer! LOL~ I'm not sure how accurate this comparison ...

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