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I can't wait to see how many people I can reconnect with and I'm not using this challenge as my drive or for motivation and inspiration. Okay, maybe I am a little.The Activerain Reconnection Rally When Debe Maxwell, CRS asked if I would help bring back the spark through this reconnection rally, I...
Is blogging on Activerain from a mobile device doable and even necessary when you’re out in the world and Mobile? My answer, yes! The fact and reality is I’m doing it right here right now. Why? To see how much effort really goes into creating a blog post quickly and efficiently while out on the r...
The value and power of Activerains Real Estate Network is not measurable in my honest opinion. Your path, story, journey, and experience will be unique and custom to you, only you, and no one else.Today I had the chance to co-host a weekly Zoom session held by my dear friend Debe Maxwell on Activ...
Having spent so many years in the real estate industry, the one question I was asked most by people, not in real estate was, "Do I need, or should I use a REALTOR®?" What a great question, even after all these years. Looking back I have learned so much about the industry and that question in part...
Well if I had known I could have seen all these great and amazing people, I would've joined these Zooms years ago. Thank you, Debe Maxwell, CRS  for setting up and moderating, and a special thank you to Silvia Dukes for sharing her valuable time and interesting information with us all today. Silv...
It's been a long while since I've posted anything here on my Activerain blog. Why? It's easy. Life! Sometimes the path of life gets changed and the journey we seek and expect turns out different than planned. All that to say, I'm officially retired today. January 31, 2023, is my I'M DONE day!Havi...
NAR provides some very useful and free tools that help Real Estate Agents be more successful. By arming agents with the information clients and prospects really want. they end up with an agent they really need.This blog post will impact any agent looking for ways to provide value to any consumer,...
This 'rent calculation' card was why I bought my first home back in 1985.When anyone sees how much they spend on rent, it's depressing and alarming to see how much it adds up to overtime. In my scenario, I was spending $850.00 per month to live in a 2 bdrm Condominium in Martinez, CA. I rented th...
This photo popped up today in my Shoebox picture memories. How could I resist posting this on ActiveRain today? These are some of the original ActiveRain "Veterans" can you name them all? Singing in the rain.... 
Well I was going to create a #GrillBill Blog post, but it looks like it's faster and easier to reblog what Lottie Kendall, Lori Cain and others have already created. Thanks Activerain for allowing us access to the "ReBlog" curation tool which saves me time to think up some really good "GrillBill"...

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