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The ActiveRain University on-line Campus is one of the best ways to learn everything about the ActiveRain Community and the Social Media World.  We are now offering classes for our members and guests.  It's not just for new "RainMakers" either, it's for you too.  We've added intermediate and adva...
RainCamp Las Vegas - The Highest "Payout" Odds in Nevada! RainCamp™ Las Vegas is confirmed for April 1st, 2010.  This is NOT an April Fool, but it is a great opportunity to get away for the weekend, enjoy mixing some business with pleasure, and be one of our guests in the Ballroom Theater at UNLV...
Remember that question "What Is ActiveRain?" At some point, we all had it! Although not so popular any longer, this question was answered by the creators and founders of ActiveRain back in 2007. Not too much has changed since then... or has it? It was sure fun to find and watch this video again, ...
ActiveRain University - Reduce the Learning Curve & Increase Your Results Are you looking to learn more about how to use the ActiveRain Network?  How about Social Media, Marketing and Networking?  Do you want to minimize the learning curve and get maximum results from your time on ActiveRain?  Ju...
RainCamp Denver - "Taking Your Business Miles Higher, and Farther!" Denver, Colorado is currently preparing for the ActiveRain Thunder and Lightening that's about to hit the City.  Last night, as I was leaving RainCamp in Dallas, I received the confirmation that we are now booked and confirmed fo...
The ActiveRain Conduit - A Nifty Toolbar for Your Internet WEB Browser This may be one of my coolest and greatest inventions EVER!!  If you can believe that...  lol~ ActiveRain members and even non-members should consider adding this toolbar to their Internet WEB Browsers.  It will work with Inte...
Beware of Scams, Identity theft and Hi-jacks on FaceBook and Gmail - Twitter Saves The Day! This morning I got an email from Fred Carver, an AR member I know well.  It came via Fred's gmail account. Not 5 minutes later, I get a pop-up chat message on Facebook from Fred, the discussion went like t...
ActiveRain University Wants You!! Now that the ActiveRain University is underway providing training and support sessions for our members, we want to send out this invitation to ALL members inviting them to come present at our new on-line campus.  We are looking for volunteer members who wish to s...
Guidelines and Information Regarding Use and Misuse of REALTOR® How are you using the registered membership mark REALTOR®?  A few folks have contacted me recently asking how they can change their ActiveRain Profile user name, their Blog name, and their Outside Blog domain names?  The reason?  Bec...
ActiveRain Training and Support - Your Virtual Classroom We are now offering RainMaker members an opportunity to join us for some "informal" on-line training and support.  Our ActiveRain Training and Support Program is where you can phone in, join a classroom environment, ask your questions, see...

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