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The Andersohn Family - Wishing You a Happy and Safe Halloween Hope you all have an awesome Halloween Holiday and don't forget to do as many tricks as you give out treats. My favorite trick of all is to Dress up as though you are the inanimate Halloween Decor for your lawn. Example: scarecrow, Fra...
A One-Stop Shop Toolbox - Real Estate in San Francisco, CA There are so many choices and decisions to be made when buying, selling, moving, or investing in Real Estate in San Francisco, or any City for that matter. Should you rent in the area before purchasing? What type of loans are available an...
API Making Your Site A Powerful Tool & Source of Information What is an API?  It's the acronym for "Application Programming Interface" and it has great value once you understand what it is and how it works.  Many have seen the term (API) around for quite some time, but figured it's just some tech...
How To Install and Customize Widgets on Your Blogs, Posts, and Sites. In a previous post about the power and value of Widgets and Gadgets, I promised to provide a training class walking you through the most important steps in creating, selecting, installing, and customizing these little gizmo's i...
It's Halloween time in a couple weeks and I think you'll "LIKE" what we're doing over on Facebook.  It's "scary" some of the things we'll do in this business for fun! It's our Halloween Sweepstakes Contest and it's never been easier to win up to $1000.00 in trick-or-treat essentials.  How many go...
Introductions, Education, Information, Tools, Tips, News and Views are what many people on the Internet are still searching for and seeking out.  That's exactly what we're trying to provide for our Youtube "Video" visitors and guests, and you should be too. Youtube is STILL one of the top "most s...
Real Estate and Mortgage Widgets OK, I've struck GOLD!  Yep, Pay Dirt!  Anyone who knows me, knows how I feel about Widgets, Gadgets, and Watchamacallits.  It's true, I'm somewhat OBSESSED!!  I actually think I was the very first member to ever break ActiveRain with all my Blog sidebar widgets, a...
My first week at Zillow is behind me now and I'm starting to feel a bit more settled in.  Thank you to everyone for all the personal cards, calls, emails and comments etc.  I am truly touched by all the support and well wishes I have received this past week.  I'd also like to thank the Zillow Tea...
Have you ever had a picture that was in the wrong format for uploading to a website or Blog?  Let's say your camera takes photos in a .TIFF or .GIF format and the site you want to upload it to only uses .BMP or .JPG.  This can be frustrating and even time consuming if you're trying to figure out...
Today it is official so I'm announcing my new role.  It really is going from "A" to "Z".  My thought was if I said from "A" to "Z" many of you might figure it out.  I'm sure some of you already have.  I’m excited to announce that I'm now the Industry Outreach Manager at Zillow. Over these past fe...

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