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We have a new feature which I'm sure many of you have already noticed on your "MY HOME" pages.  Since we released the new "SUGGEST" for feature button, we've been getting a really good response from members helping us to find and report suggested content for the ActiveRain Feature Board.  You'll ...
When I was seven years old, I was inspired by a movie to wanna grow up one day and be a race car driver.  My parents took me to a Century theater for my very first "Big Screen" experience to watch James Garner and Brian Bedford in the movie Grand Prix.  Mom used to tell me that during the movie, ...
It's great to be back in the "Rain" after a long and over-due vacation.  I spent this last week in Southern California with my kids at Disneyland and California Adventure.  It was awesome, then Saturday night my wife and I spent the night in a really nice Hotel in Sonoma County, just being togeth...
It's not a game, but some may think it is... Now before you watch this video, (and I know it's longer than most would prefer) take special note of the message at the very end. Although very subtle, it will make you really think about how "any point system" ties into business and our personal live...
Today we launched a new button on ActiveRain.  The "Suggest Feature" button.   With the volume of great content and fantastic Blog posts being submitted daily from our RainMakers, we have created a new and powerful tool that allows members of the community to make suggestions for posts and articl...
How To Brand Yourself an Expert and Build a Six-Figure Real Estate Business It's not very often that I get to Host an event with a TV Celebrity Star, in fact I can honestly say that I never have.  So if you sense a bit of excitement from me in this post, or a tad of elation here, well then Gosh D...

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