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Today as I was going through my bank account online, I noticed an electronic debit charge from Norton Internet Security and Anti-virus.  Since switching to a MAC computer quite some time ago, I had forgotten all about using Symantec Norton on my old PC computer.  Within a couple seconds, I was at...
How To Embed Your Youtube Video into Google Maps We had over 700 people register for the Youtube Video and Blogging Classes we held over at ActiveRain University this last month. In these sessions, we covered how to create and use video more effectively for your Blogs and websites. We shared some...
I just found a really cool site that takes all your Flickr photos and places them on their own URL as a single display.  The search results in FlickRiver (as in most photos) are based on the title, description, tag words, and geo-tagging.  I did a search just for fun and found some photos out the...
AR University Presents - How To Use Interactive Google Maps & Embed Them Using Google Base This "advanced" sample above was created using Google's API feature with Flash, Maps and Videos,Load then Click on any of the seven circles in the playback bar to jump to that location and video. This Wedne...
Real Estate WEB Marketing - Make A Bid on Ebay, and "Make A Difference in The World!" Today, some great industry service and marketing solution providers have joined forces and created a "Real Estate WEB Marketing Package" that you will now find available on EBAY.  We've bundled together a custom...
How To Add a .PDF File To Your Blog Post or Website Once you've learned to add photos, embed video and audio files, create hyper-links and anchor text etc, inevitably you'll want to know how you can add a .pdf file to your Blog post.  An Adobe Acrobat .PDF (Portable Document Format) file is a doc...
ActiveRain University - How to Use Video and Youtube to Enhance Your Blog and Business How are you using Video in Real Estate and on your ActiveRain Blog? Are you creating or using Video Listings, Virtual Property and Community tours?  Does your video show up on Google Earth? Can your videos make...

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