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    Once again, the points question comes up. Yesterday, in the Q&A section, Bob Stuart posed the question, “Should the points system be done away with.” Of course, everyone had an opinion pro and con alike.    When ActiveRain started in mid 2006ish, there had to be a hook to get folks to partici...
     Yesterday, on my 40 minute drive out the ‘Boro, I grabbed my phone and let my ‘fimmers’ do the walking across the digital key pad and reached out to Michael Thacker. After breaking the ice, literally and physically, and chatting about the ‘impending doom’ weather forecast for our respective ...
    The first person on my list of ‘Rainer’s to call was Grant Schneider. Sadly he lost some of my conversation due to a pair of bad buds - ear buds that is. After we got over the bad connection on my end, we came to the agreement that the active participants here in ActiveRain are a microcosm of...
      Many folks in the real estate industry are under the misconception that because a property has been issued a CO, everything is or has been installed as per codes. Really? I have heard that argument time and time again from agents when I write up some deficiency and the selling agent throws ...
    As we all know, presidential elections are around the corner and being an independent, as well as, an equal opportunity offender, I do like political humor from both sides of the aisle. Like them or hate them, sadly, our choices for good, qualified candidates to lead this Nation are paltry at...
        As we all may or may not know, Bob Crane and ActiveRain are sponsoring January/February meet ups across the good ‘ol USA. Of course, I want to have Music City USA included in the mix so TeamCHI will be sponsoring a meet-up at the O’Charlies in Brentwood, TN next Monday, January 25th at th...
    Every January, I re-read Napoleon Hill’s classic, “Think and Grow Rich”. Yes, it was a book that was written during the depression era and many pooh-pooh the book as being irrevelent, ancient and archaic. Wrong on all accounts. Napoleon Hill is credited with writing the first philosophy of su...
     One thing can be said for certain about the weather here in Tennessee. Wait a day and it will change. This morning, the temperature was a nice, balmy 14°. This is not a day that I would like to be outside inspecting properties, however, it goes with the territory. Thankfully, today, I will b...
    As usual, for the last blog of the week, I like to reflect back on the events of the week. Every year at this time, I re-read the age old classic by Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich”. It seems as if every time I read or listen to the book, I glean something new and implement something new....
    It is not unusual to see folks take a creative license when it comes to the installation of common, everyday items. Creativity is something we are all born with and somewhere along the way, some folks convince themselves they don’t have the right skill set to be creative or artistic. I will h...

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