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    One of the things that I learned in my past session of bold is there is no but. Yes, we all have butts and in my world, but is no longer in my vocabulary. I am learning to replace the word but with and. But is a negative word and it negates every word and statement that precedes it even if th...
    One of the things that I learned in my past session of bold is, “There is no Try.” Try is a weak word that is essentially states and sets one up for failure. When one does not achieve, they often come back with, “Well, I tried.” In BOLD, I learned to replace try with intend or intent. In othe...
    Good morning, all. Today is a wonderful day. I had a very productive day yesterday as I had an opportunity to learn a new way to write goals. Yes, most folks write goals and like the most of you, I learned to write that I . . . However, what is the why behind your goal? I learned that your “B...
    Good morning all. Not much to write about. Today, like yesterday, will be an extremely busy day. I am grateful that I have a lot of things happening that will be enriching my life. Today, I will have to hit the showers early as I must be in the office early and finish yesterday’s reports befo...
    There are days when I am filled with contemplation. I seem to wake up that way. As I enter the autumn of my life, there are so many things that I feel I must do before I leave this planet. Of course there are the important things such as exercise, nutrition, work, play and other things necess...
    As usual, my last post of the week encompasses counting my many, many blessings. At times, I get complacent and go through life with the “I am Jimmy and I will take all you will gimme ” mentality. So wrong. As I mature in my thinking, I realize that everything I receive is a gift from Life (G...
    Life has a propensity to work itself out and bring closure. For years, I have known that I had a biological brother, one whom I had not seen since the mid 50’s. Although I posted on many adoption forums, nothing ever materialized. Earlier this morning, thoughts migrated in this direction once...
    Earlier this year I made an attempt to shed those unwanted pounds that I have been toting around to no avail. When I came down with the flue a few weeks back, nothing tasted good. Because nothing seemed to suit my taste buds, I made a decision to eat healthier foods that did suit my pallet an...
      The cosmetic and beauty industry are huge money making industries and, according to some analysts, it is poised to gross right at $250B this year and $265B next year. What can I say? That is a lot of beautiful women. Talk about beautiful women, I wonder how much time it takes this person to...
    Occasionally, I get detached. The other day I went to the library and picked up some DVD’s and I remember putting them on the front seat of the car and that is the last I remember of them. Where did they go? Did the leather seat gods take them to the place where leather seat gods go and watch...

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